Best conference paper awards

Barlette Y., Gundolf K. & Jaouen A. 2015. Toward a better understanding of SME CEO's Information security behavior: Insights from threat or coping appraisal. Association Information et Management (AIM), May 20-22, Rabat, Morocco. (Best Paper Award)

Levya de la Hiz D.I. & Aragon-Corra J.A. 2014. Why are your green patents outside the regular domains in the industry? A transaction cost perspective of the divergence of the firm’s environmental innovations. Academy of Management (AOM), August, Philadelphia, USA. (Best paper selection for publication)

Defelix C., Le Boulaire M., Monties V. & Picq T. 2014. La compétence collective dans le contexte global: retrouver la performance. Association Francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines. (Best paper award)

Boeuf B. 2014. Building brand equity through combined communicational efforts. Academy of Marketing Science, May, Indianapolis, USA. (Best paper award).

Chiambaretto P. & Fernandez A.S. 2014. A portfolio diversity view of coopetition: the Air France Case. European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Worskshop on Coopetition Strategy, May 21-25, Umea, Sweden. (Best paper award)

Chiambaretto P. 2013. Resource dependence and balancing operations in alliances: the role of market redefinition stategies. Association Internationale de Management Stratégique (AIMS), June 10-12, Clermont-Ferrand, France. (Best paper award)

Granata J. 2013. The multiplication of coopetitive strategies in south of France wine industry. Academy of Wine Business Research Conference (AWBR), June 12-15, St. Catharines, Canada. (Best Paper Award Honorable Mention)

Bourdil M. 2012. Management par la peur et motivation au travail. Association pour la Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur le Management des Entreprises (ARIMHE), November 30, Paris, France. (Best Paper Award Nomination)

Cesinger B., 2012: Best Full Paper Award at the Consortium for International Marketing Research Annual Meeting (CIMaR), May 16-18, Taipei, Taiwan.

Gast J., Werner A. & Kraus S. 2012. The effect of working time preferences and fair wage perceptions on entrepreneurial intentions among employees. Annual Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference (G-Forum), November 8-9, Potsdam, Germany. (Best Newcomer Award Nomination)

Marais M. 2012. CEO rhetorical strategies for corporate social responsibility (CSR): Searching for legitimacy in the midst of stakeholder pressures. Association pour le Développement de l’Enseignement et de la Recherche sur la Responsabilité Sociale de l’Entreprise (ADERSE), March 29-30, Nice, France. (Best paper award)

Benbya H. & McKelvey B. 2011. Academy of Management Annual Conference (AOM), August 12-16, San Antonio, Texas, US. (Best Paper Proceedings)

Bourdil M. 2011. The impact of bonus on the motivation of teleoperators: A study in French call centres. European Reward Management Conference (EIASM), December 1-2, Brussels, Belgium. (Best paper award)

Cesinger B., 2011: Best Full Paper Award at the 25th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM), December 7-9, Wellington, New Zealand.

Cesinger B., 2011: Best Full Paper Award – Entrepreneurship Division at the British Academy of Management Conference (BAM), September 13-15 Birmingham, U.K.

Gundolf K., Meier O. & Missonier A. 2011. Succession of family-run SMEs in France: psychological barriers and cultural resistance. Advances in Business-Related scientific research conference (ABSRC), June 1-3, Venise, Italy.  (Best Paper Award)

Marais M. 2011. Vers la reconnaissance des vertus d’un opportunisme socialement responsable? L’engagement socialement responsable des dirigeants français à l’épreuve de la gouvernance. Conférence de l’Association Internationale de Management Stratégique (AIMS), June 6-9, Nantes, France. (Nomination for the Roland Calori Paper Award & for the M@n@gement Journal Award)

Celhay F. 2010: Best paper award in the category 'young researcher' at the 17thWine Economics Conference (WEC), Palermo, Italy.

Meier O., Missonier A. & Missonier S. 2011. Une nouvelle approche de la compréhension de l’échec des projets TI: Une analyse sociotechnique réticulaire. Conférence de l’Association Information et Management (AIM), May 24-27, St.-Denis, Réunion Island, France. (Best paper award)