Best journal paper awards

2012: Celhay F. & Passebois J. 2011. Wine labelling: is it time to break with tradition? A study of moderating role of perceived risk. International Journal of Wine Business Research, 23(4): 318-337. (Emerald Literati Network Journal Paper Award for Excellence 2012).

2010: Benbya H., SSRN Top 10 Papers all times hit for the paper on ‘Internal Knowledge Markets’.

2009: Gurau C. 2008. Integrated online marketing communication: implementation and management. Journal of Communication Management, 12(2): 169-184. (JCM, 2009 best journal paper award)

2009: Welter F. & Lasch F. 2008. Entrepreneurship research in Europe: taking stock and looking forward. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 32(2): 241-248. (Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice 2008 top 20 Journal Paper Award).