Chair Entrepreneurship & Innovation

(Director: Dr. F. Lasch; Co-directors: Dr. A. Jaouen, F. Robert, and K. Gundolf).

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation chair strives to promote research in this field with a particular attention to international dissemination and visibility. Funding is directed to increase research output in three dimensions: (i) attendance and dissemination of research at internationally recognized entrepreneurship conferences; (ii) international journal publication with a particular effort to reach the top tier entrepreneurship journals; (iii) hosting of international workshops and conferences.
The chair has around 20 members and the thematic positioning is deliberately widely defined to encompass (i) the diversity of approaches and themes of research in entrepreneurship and innovation; (ii) and the interdisciplinary character of research. The chair is organized around several research groups that connect to local, national and international networks (Coopetition strategies & territorial entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial economics; Entrepreneurship entry mode and survival; Firm survival and growth; Health, entrepreneurship and psychological markers; Inter-organizational relations and SMEs; Types of entrepreneurs; Strategic and entrepreneurial marketing).
The annual research reports witness of a growing contribution and progress of the chair since its existence. Both volume and quality of journal publication have increased as attested by papers accepted in most of the top tier entrepreneurship journals (ETP, SBE, ISBJ, JSBM, ERD, etc.). Other activities such as visiting policies and (teaching, community, and business) impact of research continuously improve.

The chair is also organizer of one annual international entrepreneurship conferences Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) and a French workshop Management des Technologies Organisationnelles (MTO).

Chair Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research’

Management des Technologies Organisationnelles

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