Labex Entrepreneurship

The Labex Entrepreneurship is a collaborative project to create an interdisciplinary research cluster in Montpellier at the intersection of law, economy, and management. It is the only approved Labex in France on the theme of entrepreneurship. It builds on a long entrepreneurship research tradition, strong entrepreneurial dynamics, and a lively entrepreneurship support and institutional environment of the Montpellier area.
Labex Entrepreneurship has a strong structural effect on the Montpellier research community as it pools together 200 researchers (including PhD) students spread over the Montpellier area around one topic.

Its mission is ‘To create and disseminate knowledge about entrepreneurship at the intersection of law, economics, and management’. Addressing Europe’s challenges with respect to entrepreneurship, Labex Entrepreneurship covers issues such as: New firm survival, micro firm and SME growth, innovation in the small business context, sustainable development and growth, etc.

Objectives of the Labex:
- Achieving international visibility/recognition (academic impact);
- Contribution to the local ‘entrepreneurship & innovation’ ecosystem;
- Support for entrepreneurs and firms in defining sustainable growth strategies;
- Asset for regional entrepreneurship support policy.

Governance: A flexible mode of governance around three committees
- Strategic Steering Committee, SSC (Labex’s partner institutions);
- Scientific Committee, SC (15 national and international experts);
- Executive Committee, EC (Labex director, research center directors, head of chairs, SC director).

This governance guarantees a monitored autonomy of the projects leaders:
- 6 research programs (annual budget: 111.000€).
- 6 chairs (annual budget: 35.000€).
The Head of programs and chairs report to the Executive Committee and are reviewed by the SC.

Reporting and transparency:
- Annual reports reporting on programs/chairs action and list all intellectual contributions.
- Newsletters, white papers and annual reports published on the Labex website.
- Annual meetings with ANR authority to report on progress.

LabEx Entrepreneurship:

Annual reports