Research groups

While our research activities cover all traditional themes of management science, the principal research theme is entrepreneurship and innovation. Recently a focus on managerial innovation has developed as is illustrated by an edited book (L'innovation managériale; editors: Annabelle Jaouen & Frédéric Le Roy) which deals with the many links between managerial innovation and conventional fields of management science.

Research at MBS is not limited to its faculty. MBS is part of a lively and productive research environment in which the Montpellier universities also participate. This resulted in the creation of MRM (Montpellier Recherche en Management). Research at MBS connects also to LabEx Entreprendre, a research initiative funded by the French government to foster thematic excellence research clusters (see also Chair Entrepreneurship & Innovation). Finally, the Scientific Committee of external and internal professors guides and advises the research at MBS.

Research faculty holds important positions in the national and international scientific communities and organize several annual conferences in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation such as the Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) and the Colloque Management des Technologies Organisationnelles (MTO).

Research groups

Research groups are a key element for organizing and developing research at MBS. We follow a modern research strategy based on interdisciplinary research groups fostering strong cooperation between our research faculty while cooperating with external researchers. Research groups are conceived to be dynamic and intend to evolve over time. Faculty members can contribute simultaneously to several groups. Absence of hierarchy and a high level of informality stimulate creativity, synergies and help to form a collegial research spirit.

- Entrepreneurship entry mode and survival

- Types of entrepreneurs

- Firm survival and growth

- Inter-organizational relations and SMEs

- Strategic and entrepreneurial marketing

- Health, entrepreneurship and psychological markers

- Values, organizations, actors, and responsibility

- Information Technology & Innovation

- Organization of Work and Leisure in the Knowledge-Based Economy

- Entrepreneurial economics

- Coopetition strategies & territorial entrepreneurship

- Accounting for sustainability and innovation

- Wine business

- Economics and Society

Research seminars

On top of the research groups, three research seminar series  contribute to the development of research at MBS:
- Methods (coordination: Matthijs den Besten & Frank Lasch). Objectif: to augment the methodological and technical competencies of the research faculty.
- Work-in-Progress (coordination: Katherine Gundolf & Mickaël Géraudel). Objectif: to advance research or publication projects.
- Thematic (coordination: Călin Gurău et Frank Lasch): Objectif: To demonstrate research excellence and to present publishable or published work.

Chair Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The ‘laboratory of excellence’ ‘LabEx Entrepreneurship’ (University of Montpellier, France) is funded by the French government in recognition of high-level research initiatives in the human and natural sciences (Labex Entreprendre, ANR-10-Labex-11-01). Some of our colleagues are in charge of the Labex ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation’ chair, his mission is to augment publication and the international visibility of research on this topic. The chair allocates supplementary funding to increase research and research outputs and fosters the impact of this research for teaching and practice. The chair is also organizer of one annual international entrepreneurship conferences Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) and a French workshop Management des Technologies Organisationnelles (MTO).