Coopetition strategies & territorial entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs generate coopetitive strategies to face their turbulent environment. Coopetition is the simultaneity of competitive and cooperative behaviours between rival organizations. Thus, the question of coopetition is really salient for entrepreneurs and territorial development.

The research group focuses on a greater understanding of territorial development, by studying both coopetition strategies among SME’s and territorial governance that leads to develop collective entrepreneurship. The research questions concern the drivers, the management, and the implications of coopetitive strategies and sustainable territorial development.

Current projects include:
- The structuration of SME’s coopetitive strategies over time;
- The management and the role of alliance manager;
- The institutional key role in territorial entrepreneurship and sustainable development;
- Innovation, local entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Selected presentations:
Granata J. & Marais M. 2014. Development of a territorial social innovation for meeting corporate flexicurity challenges in France: the key role of multilateral forms of governance. Third international conference of the Réseau International de Recherche sur les Organisations et le Développement Durable (RIODD), February 25-28, Schoelcher, Martinique.
Granata J. & Geraudel M. 2013. The structuration of coopetitive process over time: the case of wine industry entrepreneurs in south of France. International Council for Small Business Conference (ICSB), June 19-22, Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Accepted publications (selected):
Dana L-P. & Granata J. 2013. Evolution de la coopétition dans un cluster: le cas de Waipara dans le secteur du vin, Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Vol. 26, Issue 4, pp. 429-442.
El Baz, J., Laguir, I., Marais, M., & Stagliano, R.2014. Influence of National Institutions on the Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Food-processing Industry: Differences between France and Morocco. Journal of Business Ethics, Forthcoming.

Members: Mickaël Geraudel, Sandrine Gherra, Julien Granata & Magalie Marais.
Contact: Julien Granata