Economics and Society

This research group brings together economists with a wide array of specializations, all sharing a common goal of better understanding the economic mechanisms ruling our societies. Our research fields include corporate finance, corporate governance, decision theory, development economics, portfolio finance, economic growth, economics of conflict, entrepreneurial economics, environmental economics, and microfinance, amongst others.

This group aims at stimulating the scientific debate and at developing new research ideas. To that end, in coordination with the economics research Lab of the University of Montpellier (LAMETA), we have set up a seminar series with prestigious guest speakers. Moreover, the group’s researchers meet on a regular basis in the context of “brownbag seminars” to share and develop research projects and ideas.

Website of the MBS-LAMETA seminars:

Selective publications:

- Andrieu G., and Groh A. 2012. Entrepreneurs’ financing choice between independent and bank-affiliated venture capital firms. Journal of Corporate Finance, 18: 1143-1167.
- Bennouri M., and Falconieri S. 2006. Optimal auctions with asymmetrically informed bidders. Economic Theory, 28: 585 –602.
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- Le Van, C. and Pham, N-S. 2016. Intertemporal Equilibrium with Financial Asset and Physical Capital. Economic Theory, 62, 155-199.
- Sekeris, P. 2014. The Tragedy of the Commons in a Violent World. RAND Journal of Economics. 45(3), 521-532.

Members: Guillaume ANDRIEU, Moez BENNOURI, Pavlo BLAVATSKYY, Guillaume COQUERET, Anastasia COZARENCO, Thi Hong Van HOANG, Mélanie JAECK, Myriam KESSARI, Frank LASCH, Ngoc-Sang PHAM, Petros SEKERIS, Raffaele STAGLIANO.
Contact: Petros SEKERISA