Entrepreneurial economics

Much research has been conducted in the last decades to understand the emergence of startups and the key factors of success for entrepreneurs. As argued by Thomas Hellmann, due to its importance in job creations, economics growth etc. entrepreneurship is now considered and recognized as one subdomain of the economic science research, alongside macroeconomics, development economics and others. The objective of the group is to join researchers specialized in entrepreneurship from various areas (strategy, economics, finance, innovation) that share an economic viewpoint on entrepreneurial topics as well as global policy concerns. In particular we focus on quantitative methods and theoretical analysis. The research group is a joint effort of Montpellier Business School (Andrieu, den Besten, Geraudel, Khedhaouria, Laguir, Nakara, Stagliano), EM Lyon, France (Groh), UPMC Paris VI, France (Dalle), Calabria University, Italy (La Rocca), Erasmus School of Economics (van der Zwan).

Our research fields include:
• Venture capital, business angels, business incubators and crowdfunding
• Corporate governance
• Networks
• SMEs financing

• Motivating innovation

Selected presentations: Academy of management, BABSON, RENT, Financial Management Association…

Accepted publications:

Andrieu, G. 2013. The impact of the affiliation of venture capital firms: A survey. Journal of Economic Surveys, 27(2), 234-246.

Andrieu, G. & Groh, A.P. 2012. Entrepreneurs' Financing Choice Between Independent and Bank-Affiliated Venture Capital Firms”. Journal of Corporate Finance Vol. 18, 1143-1167.

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Khedhaouria A., Gurău C. & Torrès O. 2014. Creativity, self-efficacy, and small-firm performance: the mediating role of entrepreneurial orientation. Small Business Economics, Vol. 43, n°2. [DOI 10.1007/s11187-014-9608-y]

Contact: Guillaume Andrieu