Firm survival and growth

The issue of entrepreneurship outcomes is a well-established theme in entrepreneurship research using different levels of analysis (the entrepreneur, the firm, and the region) and investigating in a variety of determinants such as founder demographics, human capital and education, social capital, work and entrepreneurship specific experience, organization-related factors, start-up preparation, etc. But entrepreneurship support and economic policy in Europe still face the problem that most new firms start small, remain small or close down without generating desired employment effects. The research group takes into account the diversity of industries and entrepreneurs in investigating new firm survival and firm growth.

Current projects include:
- ICT venture survival and growth
- Types of entrepreneurs and propensity of survival
- Growth determinants across firm size

Selected presentations/missions:
Lasch F., Robert F. & Le Roy F. 2012. Types of ICT entrepreneurs and new firm survival. International Network of Business & Management Journals Conference (INBAM), March 20-22, Valencia, Spain.
Lasch F., Robert F. & Le Roy F. 2012. Pick the winners: Linking types of ICT entrepreneurs to new firm survival. Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER), February 15-17, Regensburg, Germany.

Accepted publications (selected):
Gurău C., Dana L.-P. & Lasch F. 2010. Human capital for successful entrepreneurial ventures: the profile of the top management team (TMT) in UK biopharmaceutical SMEs. International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business, 11(4): 436-454.
Lasch F., Le Roy F. & Yami S. 2007. Critical growth factors of ICT start-ups. Management Decision, 45(1): 62-75.

Members: Frank Lasch, Frank Robert & Calin Gurău
Contact: Frank Lasch