Health, entrepreneurship and psychological markers

The self-employed are often reported to be healthier than wage workers; however, the cause of this health difference is largely unknown. The links between physical and mental health are generally well-documented but hardly so in the case of entrepreneurs. Lastly, although a dominant force in the field of psychology, clinical approaches and the study of mental disorders are virtually absent in entrepreneurship research. In particular, the use of established psychological markers for non-clinical purposes has a lot to offer to the extent that it may highlight new mechanisms associated with entrepreneurial intentions, endeavors and success. The research group is a joint effort of Montpellier Business School (Khedhaouria, Gurau, Thurik), Laboratoire Amarok (Torres, Lechat), Rotterdam School of Management (Verheul), EM Lyon (Haag) and Erasmus School of Economics (Rietdijk, Rietveld).

Current projects include:
- entrepreneurial orientation, health and ADHD
- self-employment and health: barriers or benefits?
- creativity, entrepreneurial orientation and performance
- affect, entrepreneurial orientation and performance

Selected presentations: ZEW Mannheim, ESE (dare workshop), AoM (special workshop),…

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Contact: Anis Khedhaouria