Inter-organizational relations and SMEs

Trust is considered to be crucial for long-lasting relations between organizations. This is surprising because trust seems sometimes contradictory to economic rationality. However, researches on SMEs show the overlapping of social and economic relations. Strong and direct ties play an important role for small firms and they are based mainly on personal ties. These strong ties are the result of economic cost and profit calculations and social reasonings of trust. Seemingly paradoxical situations may arise.
The research group joins efforts of Montpellier Business School, University of Liechtenstein, University of Klagenfurt, University of Twente, Privatuniversität der Kreativwirtschaft St. Pölten, etc.

Current projects include:
- paradox management
- coopetition
- collective strategies
- trust

Accepted publications (selected):
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Members: Katherine Gundolf & Annabelle Jaouen
Contact: Katherine Gundolf