Strategic and entrepreneurial marketing

Marketing represents one of the most dynamic business areas, which attempts to facilitate transactions and increase the value of products and services offered to target consumers. On the other hand, the marketing approach can be considered as a business philosophy that impacts the design and implementation of strategic objectives and unifies the various functions of the enterprise, under a common logic of value. The various models of the marketing mix outline the complexity of marketing operations and the need of a holistic approach. Marketing does not represent only the province of large companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises also need to apply its principles in their daily activity, although its application is adapted to the specificity of small organizations.
The research group ‘Strategic and Entrepreneurial Marketing’ aims to develop high quality research and publications, in order to enrich the theory and practice of strategic and operational marketing in three key areas.

General themes of research:
- entrepreneurial marketing strategies and operations developed by SMEs in any area of marketing activity: e.g. product development and manufacturing, pricing, distribution and logistics, marketing and corporate communication, customer relations;
- collaborative, competitive or coopetitive relations and partnerships between organizations of various sizes and from various industrial sectors, that aim to fulfill the two main objectives of marketing: (1) to know and satisfy the needs and wants of targeted consumers, in order to (2) ensure the long-term profitability of the enterprise;
- innovative approaches to marketing strategies and operations (e.g. open innovation, customer and market intelligence, customer involvement, new product innovation and development, the service-dominant logic, design and marketing, serious games and the virtual economy, social marketing, sustainable development and the functional economy, etc.).

The activities of our groups are locally based, but internationally oriented as we aim to connect with other researchers and research centers/groups in order to enrich our knowledge and develop the quality of our contributions. The group has a flexible structure, being organized in small teams, focused on specific projects. The group brings together faculty members of Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier Business School (Roy Thurik, Léo-Paul Dana, Calin Gurău, Frank Lasch, Matthijs den Besten, Magalie Marais, Paul Chiambaretto) as well as researchers from other MRM laboratories (Frédéric Le Roy, Estelle Pellegrin-Boucher, Thuy Seran). Several projects are already initiated, while others are in the planning phase.

Current projects include:
- Sources of entrepreneurial value creation and the organization of entrepreneurial ecosystems (Léo-Paul Dana, Călin Gurău, Frank Lasch)
- Co-branding strategies between competing firms (Paul Chiambaretto, Calin Gurau, Frédéric Le Roy)

Communications (selected):
Gurău C., Lasch F. & Dana L.-P. 2014. Entrepreneurial ecosystems: A critical analysis of opportunities and challenges. Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER), February 12-14, Chur, Switzerland.
Chiambaretto P., Gurău C. & Le Roy F. 2014. Benefits and risks of brand alliances between competitors: Proposing a typology of coopetitive branding. Association Française de Marketing (AFM), May 14-16, Montpellier, France.

Accepted publications (selected):
Dana L.-P., Gurău C., & Lasch F. Forthcoming. Entrepreneurship, tourism, and regional development: A tale of two villages. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development.
Gurău C., Dana L.-P. & Lasch F. Forthcoming. Sources of entrepreneurial venture creation: A business model approach. International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business.

Members: Roy Thurik, Léo-Paul Dana, Călin Gurău, Frank Lasch, Matthijs den Besten, Magalie Marais, Paul Chiambaretto
Contact: Călin Gurău