Types of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are not alike and the question how to manage this diversity remains widely unanswered in research. Such heterogeneity requires the creation of typol¬ogies that acknowledge the entrepreneur’s context. Typologies are useful tools for understanding entrepreneurs and new firms, as they provide structures for organizing diversity, help to describe patterns in a complex phenomenon, and provide knowledge for a better prediction entrepreneurial behavior and outcomes. The research group focuses on a greater understanding of entrepreneurs to clarify the effects on processes, strategies, behavior, intention, support, survival and growth.

Current projects include:
- Types of ICT entrepreneurs and firm performance
- Microfirm entrepreneurs and growth intentions
- Necessity and opportunity dimensions in firm survival and growth

Selected presentations:
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Accepted publications (selected):
Jaouen A. & Lasch F. 2013. A new typology of micro-firm owner-managers. International Small Business Journal. [DOI:10.1177/0266242613498789]
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Members: Annabelle Jaouen, Frank Lasch, Walid Nakara, Mathijs den Besten & Frank Robert
Contact: Annabelle Jaouen