Values, organizations, actors and responsibility

This multidisciplinary research group, formed in January 2012, aims to investigate responsibility of organizations by integrating performance elements. Responsibility and performance are defined here around various dimensions such as economic, social and environmental. This group looks in particular at values viewpoint of economic actors while taking into account the diversity of organizational forms. The word “values” has many interpretations because it not only refers to financial, economic and social values (value created for different kind of stakeholders) but also to individual and collective values modeling peoples’ behavior. Different levels of analysis (individual, joint and organizational) are used to describe these concepts, their importance and their managerial implications.

Current projects include:
- We focus on actors in management in decision situations -managers and top managers- and other internal and external stakeholders.
- Various organizational forms are studied: SMEs, MNCs, social enterprises, associations, institutions, collective groups, etc.

Selected presentations/missions:
2012-2013: Consulting mission for Montpellier Business School “Link between diversity & performance” (Gherra, Jaeck, Joly, Kessari, Marais, Meyer in cooperation with M. Andiappan & L. Dufour).
Gherra S., Jaeck M., Joly C., Meyer M. & Marais M. 2013. Corporate social responsibility: A critical literature review. Réseau International de Recherche sur les Organisations et le Développement Durable (RIODD), June 18-21, Lille, France.
Jaeck M., Joly C., Marais M. 2013. Uniting stakeholders on diversity issues to improve global performance: The case of an international business school in France. International Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations Conference, June 26-28, Darwin, Australia.

Accepted publications (selected):
Gherra S., Jaeck M., Joly C., Marais M. & Meyer M. 2013. La responsabilité sociale source d’innovations managériales. In A. Jaouen & F. Le Roy (Eds.), L’innovation managériale: 229-253. Paris, Dunod.

Members: Sandrine Gherra, Mélanie Jaeck, Cédrine Joly, Myriam-Emilie Kessari, Magalie Marais, Maryline Meyer
Contact: Sandrine Gherra & Magalie Marais