Sports in Montpellier

In 2010, French daily Le Monde called Montpellier “the city where sport is king.”
With 600 sports associations and numerous clubs for team sports, some of which figure among the elite in their discipline, Montpellier is definitely a sports city.

Outdoor sports less than an hour’s drive away
With the sea less than 20 minutes away, numerous nearby rivers, the Cévennes National Park and the Pyrenees just over two hours away by car, Montpellier is ideally situated for both water sports and mountain sports.

Extensive sports facilities available in the city
Montpellier’s 534 sports facilities (marinas, climbing spots, gyms, swimming pools, sport centers, skateboarding parks, tennis courts, soccer and rugby fields, etc.) make it possible for everyone to practice their sport of choice.

Public sporting events
Every year, Montpellier organizes numerous sporting events, such as the extreme sports festival (FISE) – started by a Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier Business School graduate – and the Beach Master, an international beach volleyball tournament in the heart of downtown. The city also hosts global sporting events (the world cup for soccer in 1998, for handball in 2001 and for rugby in 2007).

Sports clubs among the French elite
Montpellier Agglomération Handball is the most decorated handball club in France. As of 2012, the club had won 13 Champion of France titles, 10 French Cup victories, 8 League Cup victories, and, above all, a victory in the Champions League. The Montpellier Hérault Sport Club, the men’s soccer club, was league 1 champion in 2012, while the women’s team has been among the favorites to win the women’s Champion of France title for many years. Montpellier Hérault Rugby has been one of the top six teams in the Top 14 for several years, while the women’s rugby team plays in D1. Many other sports take the spotlight in Montpellier: the Montpellier Waterpolo Elite, Champion of France in 2011-2012; the volleyball division of the Montpellier Université Club, well-positioned in the A League in 2012; and the women’s basketball team, defending champions of the French Cup.

Sports for all
Every year, through a programme called “Sport Solidaire,” Montpellier offers sports activities to people with disadvantages such as people with disabilities.

The City of Montpellier awarded the Marie-Christine Ubald-Bocquet prize

Every year, the Académie des Sports awards the Marie-Christine Ubald-Bocquet prize to the athlete or sports group whose career or accomplishments in physical education and sports serve as an example.
The City of Montpellier won the prize in 2012 “for its reputation as the most athletic city in France, its pro-sports policy focused on work in neighborhoods and on youth training and also, especially, for the excellent results of its professional teams in 2011 in rugby, soccer and handball in particular.”