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10, May 2018 - Three MBS students at L'Oréal Brandstorm Challenge 2018 France National Finals

29, January 2018 -
New – Montpellier Business School opens its Master of Science in Lean Operations Management

29, January 2018 - 2015 Master's graduate Manon Favier is returning to MBS to prepare a PhD in packaging design

29, January 2018 - The Bureau des Sports (Sports Office) of Montpellier Business School presents its programme for 2018!

22, December 2017 - A 10th anniversary synonymous with the reaffirmed ambitions of the Montpellier Business School Foundation for Equal Opportunities

22, December 2017 - MBS continues to develop its Major Partnership policy by signing with the Altrad Group, Air France, and Onet Group

22, December 2017 - Advisory Board: when teachers-researchers and MBS Major Partners develop a relationship of constant, ongoing dialogue

22, December 2017 - Montpellier Business School becomes a member of the COMUE LR-Universités

20, December 2017 - For its annual World Wide Week, MBS hosted ten international professors from its Foreign Partner Universities

20, December 2017 - An American student in the second-year of her Master's degree at MBS, Berklee Morganto has received Zonta International “Women in Business” scholarship

15, December 2017 - Report on the 2017 Master and Bachelor Graduation Ceremony

15, December 2017 - A former apprenticeship student and now a graduate, Emmanuel is already working at Dyson, a company known for innovation

15, December 2017 - “If I had to do it again, I’d still choose the apprenticeship programme, because there’s nothing better for employability”

15, December 2017 - Sustainable Development: Dr Magalie Marais, MBS professor, speaks at the National Assembly

15, December 2017 - He chose the MBS post-bac programme: Maxime Perez, High-Level Athlete, answers our questions

12, December 2017 - Signing of a Major Partnership between the ALTRAD Group and Montpellier Business School

26, October 2017 - Montpellier Business School has now placed 100 apprenticeship students at Adecco, the school’s first Major Partner

25, October 2017 - “Our mission is to contribute to Africa’s development”: focus on the philosophy and goals of MBS Dakar

20, October 2017 - “Your web footprint is your new business card”: Mathieu Gabaudan teaches e-reputation to our students

16, October 2017 - Conversation with Magdalena François-Thurin, incoming Dean of Montpellier Business School’s Executive MBA programme

15, October 2017 - What is behavioural economics, which enabled Richard H. Thaler to win the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics?

15, October 2017 - From 22 to 24 November, Montpellier Business School will hold the First International Conference on Energy, Finances, and Macroeconomics (ICEFM)

14, October 2017 - Montpellier Business School signs its 40th Major Partnership with Carrefour and welcomes its first class of the hybrid collective VAE (Validation of the Acquisition of Experience) degree-granting programme

13, October 2017 - Laura, former president of World Connexion’s MBS student association, has become a European Careers ambassador for MBS

25, September 2017 - Professional kitesurfer and triple junior champion, Louka Pitot has joined the Bachelor programme of Montpellier Business School!

01 August 2017 - Focus on the 2017 Summer School of MBS, an intensive program 100% in English and accessible to all profiles

27 July 2017 - MBS pursues the development of its partnerships with prestigious universities and schools abroad

27 July 2017 - Feedback on the management of emotions through mindfulness elective created by Dr Julien Granata, an educational innovation in the service of global performance of future MBS graduates

27 July 2017 - Master’s 2006 graduate, Emilie Michel launched “Bee – Bien-être en entreprise” [Well-being in business], a company specialised in the improvement of quality of life at work!

27 July 2017 - Montpellier Business School becomes the 1st higher education institution to obtain the Professional Gender Equality Certification (Label Egalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes)

27 July 2017 - An emotional and eye-opening stay in Paris for students with disabilities and their tutors from the PHARES programme

12 July 2017 - For her last year at MBS, Marine embarks on a solidarity adventure with her team "Les Raid Dingues"!

11 July 2017 - Montpellier Business School and Montpellier SupAgro strengthen their collaboration by signing a cooperation agreement

07 July 2017 - Two graduates of MBS join forces and create a company specialized in energies: Enys Power!

04 July 2017 - A Master 2 student was awarded with the “Innovative and Responsible Enterprise” prize of the Montpellier Business School Foundation!

26 june 2017 - MBS students discussed global geopolitical issues at the Lyon Model United Nations 2017 event!

24 May 2017 - Forging a stronger link between teaching and research. Montpellier Business School creates the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs

24 May 2017 - “Neither my school, nor my colour, nor my youth have ever been an obstacle. I manage more than a billion in bulk purchasing!” The story of Lorie Gustave-Dit-Duflo, Regional Supplier Performance Manager for Wider Europe at Renault-Nissan

24 May 2017 - From personal interview to campus welcome events: a close-up on Montpellier Business School’s international entrance exams

19 May 2017 - “The company of tomorrow will be digital, or it will not be”: MBS’s new Major Partner, GFI, shares its view on digital transformation with our students

18 May 2017 - Good news! Apprenticeships are becoming available up to the age of 30 for students of Montpellier Business School

17 May 2017 - Montpellier Business School recognised as being of General Interest!

03 May 2017 - Imminent departure: Caroline, a Bachelor’s student, is about to begin her one year internship in the retail sector in... Hong Kong!

21 april 2017 - Makestorming, an approach at the service of managerial innovation: an unprecedented intervention by Mrs Stéphanie Bacquere and Mrs Marie-Noéline Vigué as part of the Innovative Thinking for Business course at MBS!

21 april 2017 - For the 7th consecutive year, Montpellier Business School organised the Odyssey of Diversity with 250 college students from its ‘Cordées de la Réussite’ programme

19 april 2017 - Supporting the implementation for professionals of the “Right to Disconnect” Law with the new application “Calldoor”, created by Édouard Mongrand, a MBS’s graduate from 2000

19 april 2017 - “If I’m having a blast right now on tour with my smash one-woman show, it’s because of my MBS degree!” A testimonial by 1991 graduate Isabelle Goudé Lavarde

18 april 2017 - After his film “Happiness at Work”, Martin Meissonnier returns with a film on equal treatment for men and women in the workplace, which will be given an advance screening at MBS

14 april 2017 - Now doing an apprenticeship at SIEMENS, Abby-Gaël took the Initial Dual Training 2 (FIA) entrance exams to study at MBS

14 april 2017 - Montpellier Business School continues to expand the international scope of its research. Dr Anis Khedhaouria, back from a trip to Trinity College Dublin, is living proof

4 april 2017 - MBS continues its policy of social and environmental responsibility with its 10th Global Responsibility Week

4 april 2017 - From project idea to commercialisation: 2016 Master’s graduates Victor and Kevin launch VIVO, a high-pressure hand shower for toilets

29 march 2017 - Another perspective on diversity: Josef Schovanec in conference at MBS for Handivalides day

28 march 2017 - “Adopting a diversity policy is a proactive and courageous act. Montpellier Business School celebrates eight years of certification by the AFNOR Diversity Label

27 march 2017 - “This is a beautiful individual success, but before anything else, a wonderful collective experience!” Julien, graduate from Montpellier Business School and La Trobe University, says.

23 march 2017 - Domos Kit, co-founded by 2016 MBS graduate Alexandre, is the 2017 winner of the competition that discovered Blablacar!

23 march 2017 - For the sixth consecutive year, MBS held a discovery weekend exploring the different types of jobs made possible by higher education, as part of the “Cordées de la Réussite” programme

23 march 2017 - A day to help the Cancer league ! The positive and convivial action of 7 students from Bachelor program of MBS

23 march 2017 - Welcoming our 39th Major Partner, Extia, with a conference on managerial agility and collaborative practices

22 march 2017 - “Air transport is at the heart of my research because it’s not only a passion, but a fascinating sector.” Dr Paul Chiambaretto, the MBS professor currently featured in Capital magazine

14 march 2017 - After 120 years, we’re still a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation! MBS’s new MSc in Digital Management is certified by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles!

09 march 2017 - A focus on excellence à la française and state-of-the-art industries, with a new Master 2 certificate and a new MSc course in Marketing by Alexandre Hidalgo.

08 march 2017 - Mollie: “I have a professional Baccalaureate, 5 years of experience in luxury and now I am in Master 2 by apprenticeship at Chanel! Thank to those who encouraged me to believe in my dreams!”

07 march 2017 - The Parisien Etudiant has cast its vote for the top three-year bachelor’s degrees, and Montpellier Business School is in the top three!

07 march 2017 - For ever-greater collaborative agility, Montpellier Business School welcomes Matthias Bauland, its new Deputy Dean in charge of development!

02 march 2017 - “We work on real-life cases to make their transition from school to work rapid and successful!” Dr Moez Bennouri tells us of his experience with MBS’s MSc in Finance students.

01 march 2017 - Montpellier Business School has a window to the world: all second-year Master Grande Ecole students spend a minimum of one full academic year abroad!

28 february 2017 - “Without the international teams and Professor Maryline Meyer, I would never be pursuing doctoral studies!”

24 february 2017 - Job Hunting, or honing your e-marketing to optimise employability: an innovative course by Professor Marvin Wilkinson

24 february 2017 - Any background, any prior education: the world awaits at Montpellier BS! Focus on the International Pro pathway for first-year Master’s students from Passerelle 2 programmes

22 february 2017 - Martin: from Austria to France to an international job in the tourism sector, with MBS’s MSc in International Business

20 february 2017 - “I always liked watchmaking, but it’s become a real passion.” 2013 Bachelor’s graduate Eleonore Degani is International Social Media Coordinator at Tissot in Switzerland

17 february 2017 - From making pizzas to Doctor of Management Science — thanks to the FIA 1 apprenticeship programme! Dr Benjamin Mira, who earned his master’s degree in 2012, teaches microeconomics to MBS bachelor’s students.

16 february 2017 - “Event planning: a profession for the passionate”. Lecture given by Mr Gérald Duport, Commercial Director of Montpellier Events.

13 february 2017 - International Business Model Developer specialisation programme: an international melting pot, fostering an ever-growing intercultural and professional exchange.

10 february 2017 - “Their report confirms our strategy and give us new tracks” Back on the 4th edition of StratMe’Up program through solutions brought by 4 MBS students to the company MarNostra.

09 february 2017 - As Royal Canin sees it, the future of health and nutrition for cats and dogs lies in individualisation. Report on a talk given by MBS’s 38th major partner, Mars France

08 february 2017 - “I had a permanent position before I even took my finals!” Alice, who graduated with a Bachelor’s in 2016, is thriving as a sales consultant at estate agent Bouygues Immobilier

06 february 2017 - No more clichés! To learn more about the field of management control, the first-year Master’s students at MBS have produced some innovative, creative videos

02 february 2017 - Performance in continuity: The World Connexion association supports every year all international students!

01 february 2017 - Professor at MBS, Dr. Dante Ignacio Leyva de la Hiz is rewarded for its doctorate thesis “Environmental innovations: corporate strategies and institutional influences”.

31 january 2017 - An MBA graduation ceremony under the banner of career diversity and fraternity of countries around the Mediterranean Sea

27 january 2017 - To respond to its growing appeal and unleash its potential for innovation, the Montpellier Business School is expanding its campus with the creation of its “International Center of Research and Education (ICORE)”.

25 january 2017 - “Thanks to this course, my skills are up-to-date and I’m ready for the future!” Testimonial by Mrs Fatima El Mrabti, 2016 MBA holder from Montpellier Business School

23 january 2017 - New: Montpellier Business School’s Masters of Science combines international open-mindedness and entrepreneurship!

19 january 2017 - The Bac +2 Higher Education Diploma "Tourism Facility Manager" at Montpellier Business School in partnership with the AFPA is a great success for employment!

18 january 2017 - Can we innovate in the design of wine bottle labels? Answer with Franck Celhay, university lecturer and researcher at Montpellier Business School

09 january 2017 - Dr Laurie Balbo, Dr Marie-Christine Lichtlé and their doctoral candidate Steffie Gallin received the price for best scientific paper at the 2016 Agri-Food Marketing Day in Montpellier!

06 january 2017 - When Nielsen presents its assets for brands performance! Feedback on the conference of Emilie Carcassonne and Raphaël Proult, MBS graduates and current employees at this great data performer!

04 january 2017 - From apprentice to marketing coordinator of a 5 stars’ hotel in Rio! The successful experience of Maeva, 2009 graduate, at the AccorHotels group

24 december 2016 - "These days, a CV and a letter of intent are no longer enough to select the correct profile." Julien Marque, Master 2014 graduate launches Liha, the web application which intends to revolutionise recruitment

23 december 2016 - The triple agent of Montpellier BS, that’s him! James, 2016 academic encouragement scholarship holder, is also communication manager of the student association Oenophorie, and part-time assistant at the Communication Direction!

22 december 2016 - M2 student and a friend of animals, Simon pitched to the 2016 YESS Académie to present his project of ready meals for cats and dogs: Anicali!

21 december 2016 - What did they become? Hubert Martin, Bachelor 2011 graduate, knows success thanks to his accessories brand, Vertical!

20 december 2016 - Watch in full the Master and Bachelor 2016 graduation ceremony

14 december 2016 - Montpellier Business School Obtains the Grand Prize 2016 of the 11th Diversity Awards for its global diversity policy

13 december 2016 - A promising start to the academic year for the Executive MBA students of Montpellier Business School: 6 nationalities, 20% international, 76% scientists and engineers and 24% from sales!

12 december 2016 - In three years, Montpellier Business School Dakar has trained more than 2,000 executives in Africa!

30 november 2016 - "I came for Montpellier Business School's double degree!" Nicolas, a student of Ku Leuven university in Brussels, explains his choice

26 november 2016 - CSR, diversity and openness: a unique course on corporate values taught by Dr Magalie Marais to 1st year Bachelor students

25 november 2016 - Montpellier Business School and its 37 Major Partners support the social ladder! Report on the 11th scholarship and financial aid ceremony

24 november 2016 - "When you're young, you should be given the time you need to build yourself step by step. Thanks to Montpellier BS, I was able to discover what I really wanted!" Testimonial from Anna, a 2016 Master's program graduate, currently working at EDF EN Services in HR

23 november 2016 - “Oracle is an extremely good asset to show on a resume!” 2001 Bachelor Graduate, Frédéric Sanz reveals us what is behind the scenes of the Account Manager profession at Oracle, a major partner of Montpellier BS

22 november 2016 - For the 2nd consecutive year, Montpellier BS took part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week holding 9 events on its campus

22 november 2016 - From the Dominican Republic to Sri Lanka, the journey of José Manuel, Junior Commercial Director of the Spanish hotel chain Riu

21 november 2016 - Professions and a sector in full revolution: a conference with Mr Ludovic Agogué, HR Director of Havas Voyages, 37th major partner of Montpellier BS

16 november 2016 - The new Director of the Montpellier BS Bachelor programme, Mrs Beverly Leligois, offers her first impressions of this increasingly international programme

08 november 2016 - Another step towards the accessibility for Montpellier BS, with the installation of a hearing support system for the hearing-impaired people

05 november 2016 - Montpellier BS reaches the 1,000th apprentice student milestone! Thanks to Volkswagen Group France for having recruited Koffi Jean de Dieu!

05 november 2016 - Social Policy and Equal Opportunities: they didn’t know if it would be possible but they’ve done it! Montpellier BS has reached the 1,000th apprentice student milestone!

04 november 2016 - The Montpellier BS student associations are now under the responsibility of the Social Openness and Student Initiatives Unit led by Benjamin Ferran

03 november 2016 - After Newrest, VINCI Energies France has become the 36th major partner of Montpellier Business School!

03 november 2016 - The Entrepreneurship Magazine honors our teachers Walid Nakara and Maryline Bourdil with results of an original survey about business creation by former prisoners!

02 november 2016 - A diplomatic mission from the Dominican Republic hosted at Montpellier Business School!

31 october 2016 - International students choosing to pursue a double degree at Montpellier BS maximise their employability. The example of Przemysław, a student from the University of Kraków (Poland)

28 october 2016 - “Learn how to code and decode the business!” Montpellier BS hosts digital school Up To, created by Face Hérault and DELL France

26 october 2016 - Montpellier BS is recruiting talent worldwide! Spotlight on the promotion of international programmes

22 october 2016 - “The Keys to Managing Multicultural Teams”: a conference by Monica Stavire Masetti, EMEA Senior Program Manager Support & Deployment Consultant at DELL France, a major partner of Montpellier BS

21 october 2016 - She left Italy to specialise in finance with a Master in Science from Montpellier Business School

20 october 2016 - The international development strategy of Montpellier BS continues with the opening of a pre-Master of Science class at the Beijing University of Languages and Cultures!

18 october 2016 - Montpellier BS’ Behaviour Focus module: a non-standard course that adapts to the behavioural skills needs of the student

17 october 2016 - Montpellier BS hosted the 1st international research seminar on the health of entrepreneurs!

17 october 2016 - The DRSE report has come out! Montpellier BS proves again the societal impact of its political diversity and durability over 10 years

14 october 2016 - 35th Major Partner, Newrest France met Montpellier BS students to discuss the theme of humanism and performance

12 october 2016 - When psychology and play bring the portrait of Dr Jinia MUKERJEE NATH, a new research lecturer at Montpellier BS, to research in management sciences!

11 october 2016 - When our future graduates look back on their experience... that of Maïlys in field marketing at Oracle France, a Montpellier BS partner

07 october 2016 - Gaspard Bonnefoy, who graduated in 2015, is supported by BOSE France, la Poste and the WEO is embarking on a world tour for his musical project, "Loop the world"

06 october 2016 - Recruitment of new international researcher-lecturers, welcome to Dr. Petros Sekeris, research-lecturer at Montpellier Business School

04 october 2016 - A 2015 graduate from the Montpellier BS Master Grande Ecole Programme, Samuel Goupil is reinventing customised art with "Artwork in promess", the 1st customised artistic creation service for businesses and individuals.

26 september 2016 - From London to Montpellier, the "globe-trotter" lecturer, Joe Shami, teaches management of international projects for students on the Bachelor’s programme

23 september 2016 - Air France and Les 2 Rives entrust Montpellier BS with the training of cabin crew at Montpellier Business School

17 september 2016 - The major "Purchasing and Supply Chain" at Montpellier BS is becoming the Operational Excellence major

16 september 2016 - Montpellier Business School launches the 1st International Economic Development Student Force focused on Germany and Mexico!

15 september 2016 - Montpellier Business School is pleased to announce the signing of an institutional partnership agreement with the French Navy (Marine Nationale).

15 september 2016 - Montpellier Business School balances the global knowledge level of all its students on admission to each programme!

14 september 2016 - Montpellier Business School launches new actions linked to well-being with its students!

13 september 2016 - Birth of the Montpellier BS Behavioural Observatory! An innovation in student and business services

12 september 2016 - Montpellier Business School maintains its international position among the best Masters in the world ranked by the Financial Times, a global reference for business school rankings!

09 september 2016 - The Executive MBA at Montpellier Business School innovates for optimal performance!

07 september 2016 - It's a green light for the 5th promotion of BADGE Volkswagen Groupe France, partner of the Montpellier BS, in the presence of Mr Jacques Rivoal, its Chairman

06 september 2016 - Double degree and academic reward! Bachelor's graduate, Damien discusses his exchange year in the United Kingdom

04 july 2016 - Montpellier BS and the AwoX – Cabasse group welcomed 28 international students from Manchester Business School

16 june 2016 - "Newsrest, it's a start-up atmosphere but on a grand scale! " The point of view of Elodie, who is looking for an apprenticeship in HR to succeed her

03 june 2016 - Top form for Thomas! 2016 graduate after a 100% apprenticeship at Montpellier BS, he has just started his permanent contract with Decathlon Montpellier

27 may 2016 - Pascal Krupka, Programmes Development Manager, presentes the MSc in Finance taught at Montpellier BS, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

26 may 2016 - Social jury Africa, Montpellier BS and its Senegalese subsidiary particularly thank DP World and Air France for their support to promote equal opportunities

23 may 2016 - From globetrotter to Montpellier BS graduate, Virginie, apprentice at Schneider Electric, tells us about her extraordinary journey!

15 may 2016 - Understanding the digital revolution through human evolution, thank you to Professor Pascal Picq, paleoanthropologist at the College of France, for his conference "From Homo erectus to Homo numericus"

13 may 2016 - Dr. Julien Granata, research professor at Montpellier BS, among the 4 finalists of the 8th Academic Prize for Research in Management

12 may 2016 - How to manage effectively and take into account the digital changes in your business? Mr. Jerick Develle, Marketing, Innovation and Communication Director of Adecco France Group shared his thoughts with us.

02 may 2016 - “An entrepreneur is a leader!”, students following the Start’Up specialization trained by members of the French Navy.

30 april 2016 - From Cartagena to Montpellier! Venancio, Spanish student and future economics professor, tells us about his exchange semester at Montpellier BS

29 april 2016 - Bachelor student at Montpellier BS, Lucie tells us about her exchange at the University of Bradford

28 april 2016 - Lucas, first year Master’s student at Montpellier BS, tells us about the best moments of his exchange year in Peru

27 april 2016 - From the Silicon Valley to Montpellier BS! Bertrand Nocella, 2004 graduate and Program Manager at Google, came to share his knowledge with students majoring in Negotiation and Sales

26 april 2016 - 2016 Global Responsibility Week at Montpellier BS: « Engage students in key issues around global citizenship! »

25 april 2016 - « Digitalization is key at Volkswagen! » By Nicolas Guyonnet, 2011 graduate from Montpellier BS and District Manager of the group

22 april 2016 - Mallaury, student from Montpellier BS, tells us about her first year of Bachelor and gives advices to future candidates

22 april 2016 - Karine and Alexandrine, two Montpellier BS co-workers tell us about the best moments of the Rally des Gazelles

21 april 2016 - Bachelor student at Montpellier BS and already entrepreneur: Romain launches YourTop, a new social network promoting culture

14 april 2016 - Ovation for the Admiral Olivier Lajous at Montpellier Business School

13 april 2016 - From building materials to medical supplies, Pierre enjoys his apprenticeship at Stryker!

12 april 2016 - A little nostalgia a few days before the end of the 3rd promotion of the BADGE Volkswagen France programme by Montpellier BS!

11 april 2016 - The formidable fate of a child of the DDASS who became CEO! Patrick Bourdet, President of Areva Med hosts a conference in Montpellier BS

07 april 2016 - Pascal Krupka, Director of New Programmes development presents the new MSc in Marketing developed by Montpellier BS and accredited by the Grande Ecoles conference!

06 april 2016 - Mrs. The Rector present at Montpellier BS for the final of the Teknik Challenge and the 6th edition of l’Odyssée de la Diversité

05 april 2016 - Frugal Innovation taught by Mr Etienne Pesnelle, R&D, procurement and conversion Director of Renault Consulting at Montpellier BS

04 april 2016 - Start of the apprenticeship seminar to define your project and build your personal branding ! With more than 260 students from Montpellier BS

01 april 2016 - Phares Programme : A trip to Toulouse for disabled students, a great experience organized by Montpellier BS

31 march 2016 - 109 students of the Bachelor programme received on March the 18th their double degree from La Trobe University, partner of Montpellier BS

30 march 2016 - Academic publishing: the Air Transport sector by Dr Paul Chiambaretto professor at Montpellier Business School

29 march 2016 - Montpellier SupAgro and Montpellier Business School signed a partnership on Vine and Wine

28 march 2016 - Audrey Mula, entrepreneur graduated in 2010 from Montpellier BS participates to the « Apartment Hunters » Tv Show

26 march 2016 - Mark Up Project : One challenge, raise brand awarness for the brand Athena Secret de Beauté

25 march 2016 - « I will launch the first Decathlon store in Colombia! », Adrien Martinez, graduate of Montpellier BS

24 march 2016 - « Royal Canin (Mars Group) owes its strength to its participative culture! » Marc-Antoine, apprenticeship student of Montpellier BS

23 march 2016 - Mathilde, graduate student from Montpellier BS found the perfect company: Extia!

22 march 2016 - François, second-year Master’s student at Montpellier BS in apprenticeship at Safran MBD.

21 march 2016 - Another new adventure! Two co-worker of Montpellier BS, Karine and Alexandrine will participate to the Rally des Gazelles.

18 march 2016 - Montpellier Business School: one of the 5 reasons why to study in Montpellier!

17 march 2016 - BADGE Programme Volkswagen : interview with M. Benoit Sys, HR Director of Volkswagen Group France

15 march 2016 - Frédéric Salles, CEO of the successful company Matooma, came to coach the students from Montpellier BS

14 march 2016 - Fabien Marc, Montpellier Business School graduate, explains how his spa « Massage Concept Paris » got ranked no 1 on TripAdvisor

10 march 2016 - The two Montpellier BS Young Entrepreneur award winners finally launched their website: Rock’n Joy!

09 march 2016 - AACSB and EPAS / EFMD international accreditations renewed: Montpellier Business School confirms its status as an elite Management School!

05 march 2016 - To help its French and International student find accommodation anywhere, Montpellier Business School signed a partnership with Studapart

03 march 2016 - Innovation and management : DR Carlos Sanchez implements new teaching methods at Montpellier Business School

02 march 2016 - « You still have a lot of opportunities with a Bachelor’s degree! » Nicolas, Montpellier BS graduate, works in the IT sector in an insurance company

01 march 2016 - Jessica Jurado young entrepreneur and graduate from Montpellier Business School came to share her experience with the students from the Start Up major

29 february 2016 - Elsa Meallares, who graduated in 2009 from Montpellier Business School, is not afraid of prejudices!

25 february 2016 - Pauline, student from Montpellier BS and apprentice at SEB as Retail Marketing Assistant

24 february 2016 - With their new concept, Clément, Hadrien, Benjamin, Sherkane, Léo and Jordan won the Open Innovation Challenge organized by Electrolux

23 february 2016 - Sofiane, Bachelor student at Montpellier Business School and apprentice at Yves Rocher

22 february 2016 - Welcome to Elise, young New-Yorker in exchange at Montpellier BS for one semester

21 february 2016 - Diversity and international student at Montpellier Business School!

20 february 2016 - Cassandre Joly apprentice at the Environment and Sustainable Development Division of Air France

19 february 2016 - Lisa Taurines, 2014 graduate, is currently doing a VIE in London for Nausicaá and is one of the finalists of the 2016 Women's Champions Tourism Trophy

18 february 2016 - « Wine Business »: The success of the first workshop on the theme of innovation in the wine industry, organized by researchers from Montpellier Business School.

13 february 2016 - Le Point magazine ranking: Montpellier Business School took 9th place (three places up from last year)!

11 february 2016 - Sandra is in the air! Master student in apprenticeship at Air France, Sandra’s mission is to control the quality of the business lounges at Roissy airport

10 february 2016 - Why companies should invest in customer experience to improve their reputation: conference on customer satisfaction by Yves Lavail at Montpellier Business School

09 february 2016 - The Association Group Sup de Co Montpellier Business School has renewed the members of its governance. Jean-Christophe Arguillère is reelected President of Montpellier Business School

08 february 2016 - Decathlon Business Game: selected among 110 other teams, they need your support from Sunday, February the 14st to help the association Montpellier Culture Sport Adapté

08 february 2016 - Montpellier Business School received the encouragement prize in the "Corporate and Social Responsibility" category of Campus Responsables

05 february 2016 - World Nutella Day ! Antoine, Bachelor apprentice at Ferrero tells us about his position as an Area Manager for the brand.

04 february 2016 - How students from the « International Business Model Developer » specialization of Montpellier BS put their skills into practice through a business game

03 february 2016 - Sonia, apprenticeship consultant for Montpellier Business School, went on a humanitarian trip full of diversity

02 february 2016 - Thibault, 2015 Montpellier Business School graduate, is going on a sail world tour

01 february 2016 - At Montpellier Business School, managerial innovation goes hand-in-hand with pedagogical innovation : the new tricontinental Master of Science (MSC) in Global Business just received an accreditation from the Grandes Ecoles Conference (GEC)

27 january 2016 - Montpellier Business School’s specializations meet perfectly recruiters’ expectations in term of international development! Discover the International Business Model Developer specialization

25 january 2016 - Aeronautics, aviation, purchasing and the USA: Marc-André Kinny, graduated in 2010 from Montpellier Business School

22 january 2016 - You can be Doctor in Finance and work on the impact of women in companies ! Welcome to Dr Moez Bennouri, new professor at Montpellier Business School

21 january 2016 - Innovation and well-being at the heart of Dr Francesco Montani’s teachings

20 january 2016 - From Yves Saint-Laurent to Zalando - Quentin Feugere, who gratuated from Montpellier Business School in 2014, starts a new career in Germany

19 january 2016 - After a Bachelor at Montpellier Business School, Vincent joined the Master Grande Ecole program and does it by apprenticeship at Shell, who finances his humanitarian mission in Nepal!

18 january 2016 - Montpellier rated among the top 3 student city in France!

18 january 2016 - Romain enjoys his life as an apprentice at Auchan, one of Montpellier Business School’s partner.

15 january 2016 - « Life is not ungrateful ! Even if you are different, it is important to express your talent.»

14 january 2016 - « I thought the scholarship was only for excellent students! I almost didn’t apply for it… »

13 january 2016 - « When I grow up, I will be a professor! » From geography to consumer behaviour, Dr Benjamin Bœuf’s path, professor at Montpellier Business School.

12 january 2016 - The Alumni association leans against Montpellier Business School’s strategy!

11 january 2016 - The scholarship award ceremony of the 11th of December 2015: a moving and promising edition in the name of equal opportunities.

08 january 2016 - « I knew Montpellier Business School thanks to one of your graduates ! » Montpellier Business School presents you Professor Frederick H.Dulles

06 january 2016 - Solidarity: international students and French students from Montpellier Business School spending Christmas together.

05 january 2016 - End of the school project StartMeUp, the crucial moment in front of the jury

03 january 2016 - Would plain packaging of unhealthy products raise the same problems, or new ones? Discussion with Dr Laurie Balbo, professor at Montpellier Business School

21 december 2015 - End of the first semester – The Bachelor program thanks its international students that completed their first academic semester

20 december 2015 - Montpellier Business School 8th School of Management according to the magazine Challenges

16 december 2015 - Great success for our three MSC opening in September 2016

10 december 2015 - Jean-Louis Prades, Director of Air France KLM Burkina Faso, just got graduated from Montpellier Business School thanks to the Validation of the Acquisition of Experience

08 december 2015 - Nudge Challenge COP 21, students from Montpellier Business School use their Marketing skills to help the planet

07 december 2015 - Montpellier Business School organizes in 2016, the 1st workshop on innovation in Wine Business

04 december 2015 - After a Master in apprenticeship, Ikram, graduated in 2015 from Montpellier Business School, joins Clear Channel

30 november 2015 - Graduated from Montpellier Business School in 2015, Pierre-Adrien is about to go on a biking trip from Bangkok to Paris

24 november 2015 - Montpellier Business School 9th management school in France!

23 november 2015 - 4 countries, 4 years! Graduated from Montpellier Business in 2015, Charline was hired by 7AM Enfant in New York

21 november 2015 - To all the entrepreneurs : The first Workshop Entrepreneur J is almost full

17 november 2015 - Back from Los Angeles, Paul, Bachelor student took the risk to be different

15 november 2015 - Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility go hand in hand! Interview with Dr Maryline Meyer, professor at Montpellier Business School

14 november 2015 - The association 60 000 rebonds became a partner of Montpellier Business School

12 november 2015 - The Career Center of Montpellier Business School, a platform where you can find a significant amount of internship offers, apprenticeship contracts, VIE and vacancies with the help of our Internship and Employment Department

11 november 2015 - StartUpers : Vincent Hamonic who graduated in 2010 from Montpellier Business School, managed to create his digital company,

10 november 2015 - Welcome to Mauboussin the new partner of Montpellier Business School!

06 november 2015 - Apprenticeship, a lever for equal opportunities! The message of Loïs Gilles graduated from Montpellier Business School

03 november 2015 - Customer relationship and new technology ? A comparison between Europe and Asia with Pierre-Adrien, future Montpellier Business School graduate.

01 november 2015 - « I teach corporate finance and I’m loving it! » Dr Jean-charles Bagneris’ experience

29 october 2015 - At Montpellier Business School, a master’s thesis has nothing to do with an internship report! Justine, apprentice at Schneider Electric, relates

26 october 2015 - Dakar – Montpellier, so far but so close at the same time for Rokhayatou, bachelor student from Montpellier Business School

25 october 2015 - From Danone to Unilever – recruiters like engaged students from Montpellier Business School

23 october 2015 - From apprentice to entrepreneur, discover Charlotte’s path, graduated from Montpellier Business School in 2011

21 october 2015 - Only two months in Montpellier and already well integrated. Portrait of Pyone, Burmese student in Master 1 at Montpellier Business School

19 october 2015 - Designation of Jonathan Taranto, 2013 graduate of Montpellier Business School, as an iTunes Store Advisor at Apple’s European headquarters

15 october 2015 - From the Swiss Olympic swimming team to the Sports Association presidency, Alain wants to promote the values of sports at Montpellier Business School

10 october 2015 - From Mexico to the South of France there is only one ocean that Arturo crossed in order to study at Montpellier Business School

6 october 2015 - Montpellier Business School makes you aware of a new discrimination criterion passed by the Senate

1 october 2015 - Montpellier Business School at the forefront of managerial innovation!

30 september 2015 - Already in France for a week and with a head full of projects, Koffi is a Senegalese student in Master 1 at Montpellier Business School

16 september 2015 - Montpellier Business School maintains its international position among the best Masters in the world ranked by the Financial Times, a global reference for business school rankings!

15 september 2015 - As graduates, the school is in our DNA! Interview with Omar Amarouch, who manages the Morocco branch of the Alumni Association

14 september 2015 - A Master 2 dual training student for two years at Gerflor, Thomas has always worked, since he was 15 years old

13 september 2015 - The Business School Impact Survey (BSIS) values the annual economic and social impact of Montpellier Business School on its campuses at €160 million!

12 september 2015 - The 3rd StratMeUp has been launched! This year, it will bring together more than 600 students and 50 coaches, working for nearly 150 companies from the region

10 september 2015 - Research in management science working for pedagogical innovation: Example of Professor Franck Celhay’s graphic design course!

8 september 2015 - Are our dual training students hyperactive? Not for Arthur, a final year Master’s student at Montpellier Business School

3 september 2015 - From thoughts to reality, the academic concept of the Montpellier Business School’s new Behaviour Focus module!

7 july 2015 - Specialisation course “Digital Marketing” with speaker Mr Roland André, Managing Director of DOCAPOST

6 july 2015 - Coralie, graduated in 2013, is the winner of the scholarship “young entrepreneur 2015” of the Montpellier BS Foundation

3 july 2015 - Gaïa, a student association of Montpellier Business School has completed its year with the launch of the Ecocup!

2 july 2015 - Ten years of NO GOODIES policy in the national oral tests for entry examinations into the Grand Ecole Master’s Programme of Montpellier Business School

1 july 2015 - TOP CAS 2015: prize awarded to Montpellier Business School for the case “SANOFI from the end of Blockbusters to the birth of a new Business Model”

30 june 2015 - Three researchers from Montpellier Business School were honoured at the last conference of the Association for Information and Management (AIM)

29 june 2015 - The Conférence des Grandes Écoles has just accredited three Masters of Science from Montpellier Business School

26 june 2015 - On 9 and 10 July Montpellier Business School will welcome the world experts in management innovation!

25 june 2015 - Montpellier Business School awards the Prizes for the StartMeUp project (formerly Strat Innov LR) and the scholarship “Young Entrepreneur” on 19 June 2015!

24 june 2015 - In their seventh list of Grande Ecoles Business classes, The Parisien has placed the Montpellier Business School 9th amongst the nationally recognised grandes écoles

21 may 2015 - “Creativity” as a final-year option in Montpellier Business School’s Grande École Master’s course

20 may 2015 - JOB HUNTING at Montpellier Business School: “Today, if we are not present on the Internet, we do not exist...”

19 may 2015 - Sophie Mandrillon, a graduate from Montpellier Business School’s (ESC Montpellier) Grande École Master’s course accessible through VAE [work experience validation]!

16 may 2015 - Dr Paul Chiambaretto, a research lecturer at Montpellier Business School, working on the financial performance of European Airlines!

15 may 2015 - What is the relationship between a brand manager’s activity and the creation of a website dedicated to homeopathy? The international aspect!

14 may 2015 - Montpellier Business School brings its students and local companies together! An unprecedented “internship dating” session on 17 April

13 may 2015 - Entrepreneurs, Start-upers, Leaders, Intrapreneurs from the region! Come to the 1st “FailCon” in Montpellier on 4 June 2015!

12 may 2015 - Montpellier Business School, in partnership with the Adecco Group, is launching the first dedicated class of sandwich students by creating, in the final year of the Bachelor’s course, a “Commercial Development Manager” option.

14 apr. 2015 - Part of the specialisation courses, it’s “Banking and Financial Roles” – discretion and professionalism required!

13 apr. 2015 - Constant Innovation at Montpellier Business School: “Design Thinking” - An Elective in his Final Year of BIBA at Montpellier Business School

12 apr. 2015 - International Appeal: Montpellier Business School on all fronts of the Mediterranean

11 apr. 2015 - The Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA) at Montpellier Business School is in the top 3 French business management bachelor programmes

10 apr. 2015 - Within the Framework of the Programme of Excellence, 80 college and high school students are off to Paris with Montpellier Business School

09 apr. 2015 - Did you know? To pay off an outstanding debt of €12,000 at an 8% margin, you need to generate an additional €150,000 in revenue, CFO France explains

08 apr. 2015 - CSR as a performance indicator: the proof at Montpellier Business School

07 apr. 2015 - “Luxury is the realisation of a dream,” says Alain Némarq, President of Mauboussin during a conference at Montpellier Business School

06 apr. 2015 - Graduate of the “Accreditation Through Experience” (VAE) programme abroad: the successful cooperation of Montpellier Business School with Banco Popular

05 apr. 2015 - Saturday 2nd May 2015: Take part in a national challenge to help further research into Rett syndrome

04 apr. 2015 - Mark Up! The marketing project for 2nd year students on the Master Grande École programme, led by Cédrine Joly and Paul Chiambaretto, professors at Montpellier Business School

03 apr. 2015 - “BOOSTE ton alternance.” - 4 seminars dedicated to helping you find a contract

02 apr. 2015 - Adaptability, passion, the present… Life is like a box of chocolates!

01 apr. 2015 - Sabrina – a Montpellier Business School and La Trobe University graduate: Now I know why “we have the potential to be different!”

17 mar. 2015 - 3rd year of a Bachelor’s programme: opportunity of a double degree with La Trobe University

16 mar. 2015 - Montpellier Business School offers 52 places for future startup creators in the specialization programme Start Up: creation, innovation and leadership

15 mar. 2015 - Complete diversity, accountability and performance, Montpellier Business School launches its 1st catalogue of short courses available in Paris, Lyon and Montpellier

14 mar. 2015 - The Montpellier Business School Executive MBA relocates its “Innovation Management” module to Casablanca

13 mar. 2015 - VSE-SME managers: our research-professors need 5 minutes of your time!

12 mar. 2015 - Mission accomplished for the 13th IECER Conference in Montpellier

11 mar. 2015 - Diversity and Professional Equality: the same cause?

10 mar. 2015 - The key points of “The Art of Managing” at Montpellier Business School by Olivier Lajous! Thank you Admiral.

09 mar. 2015 - Going Abroad and Professional Experience: the Ingredients for Good Self-Confidence

08 mar. 2015 - A 2004 graduate is at the helm of the “Expenditure and Supply Chain Management” specialisation

07 mar. 2015 - Students are raising awareness for the inequality between men and women alongside “La Maison du Tiers Monde”

06 mar. 2015 - 14th March at 18:30, UNICEF and Montpellier Business School students working together for “La Nuit de l’Eau” 2015

05 mar. 2015 - Deciding her pathway based on her values: the choice of a Bachelor’s programme student

04 mar. 2015 - A Medical Entrepreneur at Montpellier Business School: Discover Medicamatch

03 mar. 2015 - 1 BAC, 2 BTS’s, 3 years of professional experience… all before arriving at Montpellier Business School. What a life story!

02 mar. 2015 - First job abroad? Take a look at the “International Business” module at Montpellier Business School

01 mar. 2015 - Academic Year Abroad - the Bachelor’s Students of Montpellier Business School are entitled to it too! Off to ESAN in Lima for Laurie

28 feb. 2015 - When you enjoy what you do, everything becomes a lot easier… You just need to get past the barrier of module choices

27 feb. 2015 - You can be a salesperson, a sandwich course student and a volunteer at the same time!

24 feb. 2015 - The students of Montpellier Business School are happy to welcome Christian Streiff, Vice-President of the SAFRAN board

23 feb. 2015 - 2nd Semester of Master’s 2nd Year; after the majors, it’s time for the specialisation courses at Montpellier Business School

22 feb. 2015 - In keeping with Majors, the Specialisation route… a path completely devoted to international employment

21 feb. 2015 - Recruitment for the Executive MBA resumes

20 feb. 2015 - Montpellier Business School looks back at 10 years of practical actions on disability taken since the law of 11 February, 2005 was passed

19 feb. 2015 - A double 1st place for Montpellier Business School’s Bachelor of International Business Administration programme

18 feb. 2015 - The Le Point magazine has put Montpellier Business School in 12th place out of the top French Management schools

11 feb. 2015 - The IECER Conference is in Montpellier this year

10 feb. 2015 - Contrôle de Gestion: A specialisation that goes well beyond its clichés

09 feb. 2015 - What if you follow your instincts? The journey of Madévi, a 2012 graduate

08 feb. 2015 - They told him he wasn’t suited to studying. Alexandre responds…

05 feb. 2015 - Montpellier Business School is setting up a new service to aid student recruitment

30 jan. 2015 - Keys To Success – Programmes available by apprenticeships

25 jan. 2015 - “You’re never alone here!” Jan, Erasmus Exchange Student at Montpellier Business School

18 jan. 2015 - Living together of course!

17 jan. 2015 - The relationship between resilience, innovation and Islamic finance? Speech by Jean-Yves Leber for students majoring in finance at Montpellier Business School

16 jan. 2015 - A Montpellier Business School graduate on cloud nine! Innovation is at the heart of all professions

15 jan. 2015 - When our students develop the regional economy...

14 jan. 2015 - Business simulation: The world of ARTEMIS in the hands of 60 Master’s year 2 sandwich students

13 jan. 2015 - Everything you wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for Dr Laurie Balbo from Montpellier Business School’s Marketing Department... Here is an example of loss framing

12 jan. 2015 - International Development, Montpellier Business School is a brand that’s visible beyond our borders

11 jan. 2015 - STRAT’Innov LR project: companies and students delighted by the experience!

10 jan. 2015 - Scholarship award ceremony on 5 December 2014: a moving and promising event... in the name of equal opportunities

09 jan. 2015 - Without music, life would be an error - Nietzsche; Larsen organised their first World Mix of the school year at Antirouille

08 jan. 2015 - Student Associations at Montpellier Business School: One version of Student Entrepreneurs

07 jan. 2015 - Sending our students out into the world with preparation from a competent and multicultural team: the international programmes service

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