Student Associations at Montpellier Business School: One version of Student Entrepreneurs

Between September and October students met up with ex-heads of associations to form new boards. “The association life is rich in experience, through the projects that we lead, and through failures as well as successes. It’s important to work towards the goal of creating a dynamic group, cohesion between the promotions and a sense of belonging, being honest with ourselves as well as everyone else! And that’s not an easy thing!” says Ludovic, former president of the BDE and in charge of the handover.

“As well as the pleasure of doing what is essential for the students, taking the time to throw yourself into an association and accept responsibility is an element of professionalization. Exercising this responsibility, that’s, in part, working as a general interest, putting into practice things you learn in lessons (general accounting, project management, communication…) but also handling ethical values, performance reviews. For this reason, being part of an association is a gem for a CV, as it requires all the commitments for all types of organisations, and allows you to develop your leadership or entrepreneurial qualities. So there’s always a good reason to get involved!”

“The goal of the 16 student associations of Montpellier Business School is to allow each student to get into their first student entrepreneur experience. The energy expended during the association project is never in vain; it brings real value to your personal and professional journey” says Ludovic. “Belonging to a student association requires its members to be active, positive and open to the student life in Montpellier”.

The student associations of Montpellier Business School are supervised by their heads, as well as by professionals, and are supported by partners of Montpellier Business School. They add to the dynamism of Montpellier’s student life and make the management school shine.