Without music, life would be an error - Nietzsche; Larsen organised their first World Mix of the school year at Antirouille

Maxime, a 2nd year student in the Bachelor’s programme at Montpellier Business School is the president of the music association LARSEN. A passionate group led by a passionate student. They organised the World Mix at Antirouille, a contest of the school’s student DJ’s aiming to reach out to all students in Montpellier.

“I joined the programme in my 1st year of my Bachelor’s in 2013. At the time, I was only responsible for the radio. When I came back in 2014, I wanted more responsibilities. So, I took on the responsibility of being President and came up with some new ideas. I was looking for more responsibilities, and I found it…since my role goes way beyond just this project.”

The association organises the music for events held by other associations in the school, as well as holding its own events. “We’ve created a group at school in charge of organising some of the school’s events, such as the Christmas concert with all students and staff from Montpellier Business School, but also organising event outside of school for social or charitable causes with partners of Montpellier Business School. But what’s best is working with the thousands of students in Montpellier and their music associations, since music brings people together, just like sport, and together we’re stronger. I enjoy giving my friends a call at the universities and grandes écoles around Languedoc Rousillon. As well as all this, we’re tasked with creating an online podcast with a smartphone app so that everyone knows what’s happening with Larsen.”

“We’re organising two World Mixes throughout the year, the first took place in December at Antirouille. It was an opportunity to discover the DJ’s from the school, to give them a chance in front of a lot of people and to meet up with people who are into the same things outside of school. We’re also working on the Larsen contest, where we’ll take groups of people from the area and put on a concert where the audience votes on who the winners are. We’re also in the middle of working on a partnership with Point Zero so that students from the school can DJ at parties put on by the associations.”