Scholarship award ceremony on 5 December 2014: a moving and promising event... in the name of equal opportunities

On 5 December, Montpellier Business School held a scholarship award ceremony. In the presence of representatives from our key partners, who came together for the occasion, as well as staff, teachers and graduates, this emotionally intense ceremony, allowed the 95 beneficiaries for 2014, selected on academic and social criteria, to be honoured and officially congratulated.

At the 2014 ceremony, chaired by Mrs Caroline Cazi, Director of Human Resources and Diversity, 95 scholarships (versus 82 in 2013 and only 5 in 2006, when the scheme was created) were solemnly handed out to deserving, national and international students, underlining the Montpellier Business School’s serious commitment to Diversity and equal opportunities. The awards included:

- 47 excellence scholarships (complete exemption from tuition fees)
- 4 international excellence scholarships (payment of tuition fees and living expenses for young talent from countries in great economic and social difficulty)
- 13 MBS Dakar excellence scholarships (tuition fees financed by the programme’s corporate partners)
- 24 excellence scholarships from the Dominican Republic (tuition fees financed by the Dominican government and corporate partners)
- 6 merit scholarships (awarded on academic criteria, they provide partial funding for tuition fees)
- 1  Rotary scholarship

Montpellier Business School wishes to reiterate its thanks to the Foundation Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier, which gathers together many corporate and private donors, to its key partners and to those involved in government, without whose support these actions would be impossible.