International Development, Montpellier Business School is a brand that’s visible beyond our borders

In addition to the 300 international students from our 150 international university partners registered for our academic exchange programmes, Montpellier Business School has implemented an international expansion plan, coordinated by Professor Olivier Guyottot, to publicise its dedicated competitive exams, and to develop vocational training. By attending trade fairs in partnership with Campus France, visiting high schools, establishing offices abroad as Outsourced International Recruitment Centres and by presenting our expertise to companies, we are doing everything possible to highlight the unique nature of the Montpellier Business School beyond our borders.

Remember that the Grande Ecole - ESC Montpellier Master’s programme international competitive exam is open to all students with a foreign degree level of Bac+3 or Bac+4, equivalent to 180 ECTS credits. This competitive exam allows these students to join the 2nd year of the Grande Ecole Master’s programme directly. Some 110 students have joined this year.

Naturally, this development affects all the programmes as part of our global services. We have already received several applications for the Master of Science course and numerous candidates have registered with our Dakar affiliate, which participated in the Forum of Higher Education and Guidance organised by the Jean MERMOZ French High School on 15 December, 2014, and will participate in FUTURIBLE, the careers and guidance forum held at the Dakar National Theatre in early January.

In terms of vocational training, media training modules and “Ambassadors” training were given to managers from KPMG Africa, Allianz Senegal and Nestlé Senegal. Work experience training is still ongoing for Banco Popular employees... As you would expect, the 2015 campaign should be yet another success for Montpellier Business School. We hope to see you before the registration deadline of July 10, 2015.