When our students develop the regional economy...

Tom, who graduated from the Bachelor’s programme at Montpellier Business School in October 2014, has teamed up with Louis, his friend and brother-in law, to create MIOFAB, an innovative 3D printing company based in Millau. His company provides bespoke solutions, from preparations through to the execution of digitisation, modelling and 3D printing projects.

“The question of my professional future arose at the end of my final-year internship with EDF Energy in the UK. I did not really want to take a position in a large, standard, organisation. The idea of combining my marketing and business skills in a start-up and teaming them up with high-tech, made me want to enter a partnership and create MIOFAB”.

Tom, who comes from an entrepreneurial family, wasn’t thinking of following in his family’s footsteps. What made him change his mind? His taste for challenge, his need for autonomy and his desire to take risks! “My main driver is the desire to be versatile, the need to be in control, to use as many skills as possible and experience a challenge every day! And I’ve been given what I wished for, guaranteed! Today, my family wishes me good luck (laughs)”.

MIOFAB is currently being launched. “While we have certainly got customers already, it is up to us to make a place for ourselves in the new world of 3D printing. Our small structure allows us to be very flexible, and free to design bespoke products for our customers”. While industry and construction are their first chosen markets, the field to which digitisation, modelling and 3D printing skills can be applied is vast. “You can stretch your imagination with this technology! You can scan a person and print them out! There’s no limits. 3D printing is used in various fields, from medicine to jewellery, as well as gastronomy, art or even education etc. Which means you can hyper-personalise a product at the lowest cost.”

“My training from the Montpellier Business School’s Bachelor’s programme, interspersed with internships abroad, above all have me good business and management skills, but it has also provided essential personal qualities such as self-confidence or international openness, which I’m now using with my German and American suppliers.”

To find out about Miofab and the secrets of 3D printing: http://www.miofab.com/