A Montpellier Business School graduate on cloud nine! Innovation is at the heart of all professions

Carole Pigeon, a Master’s graduate from 2007 with a passion for fitness and hip-hop dance, is the creator and manager of Club 7 in Aiguelongue. She helped design the Montpellier Cloud that connects sport, health, wellness, catering and shopping. A unique and innovative place to live, created by family business, ROXIM, and designed by Philippe Stark, for which Roxim’s founder, Marc Pigeon, received the “Architectural Innovation Prize” last night.

Carole has not changed... 7 years later she is still energetic and visionary! “I am lucky enough to be living an exciting adventure, based primarily on strong values. Using the Greco-Roman concept of “baths” or “a thermal spa” dedicated to training of athletes and turning it into a modern building of 3,000 m², surrounded by an ETFE membrane that is constantly inflated with air (700 bar), to give it the form of a cloud, and creating it in our beautiful city of Montpellier is a mad gamble, but this technical bet has paid off. For me, the most important thing is the haven that we have managed to create, bringing together sport and health, pleasure and effort, conviviality and innovation”

There are three members in the Pigeon family, three passionate people, three entrepreneurs who can’t stand still, and who are able to seize an opportunity while following their convictions through. Creation and innovation are not words that frighten them. “Today, you have to know how to dare and not be afraid to innovate, even if that word can seem scary!”, says Carole. “My sister and I learned many academic things at grandes écoles, we had to update plenty of learning and we’ve forgotten some of what we learned, but what I do remember is that they talked to us a lot about personal qualities, determination and collective intelligence. For me, the cloud is a bit of all that. The rest is our genetic and family heritage, an unfailing link... this transmission that is never mentioned enough elsewhere...”

So, for this year’s festive period and before making your new year’s resolutions for 2015, we recommend you take a walk in the Cloud. A unique space to escape from the baseness of everyday life where, in particular, you can share exceptional moments with your family. And we just want to try the SPA ... Carole, we’re on our way!!!

Contact: www.le-nuage.fr