Living together of course!

For more than 15 years, Montpellier Business School has been committed to ensuring diversity in its student classes, to generating diversity in pathways, to mixing origins, courses and aspirations etc. To trigger listening reflexes among future managers, to capture all that a difference in cultures, opinions, personal backgrounds and acquired skills can bring to enhance a group.

For over 5 years, our school, which is known for its diversity, has been making the fight against discrimination and the promotion of diversity one of its challenges, and a well-spring for overall performance. One of our flagship values: “Openness and Diversity”, has become a central and shared issue for all our activities, research, teaching and stakeholder relations with businesses, partners, service providers and associations etc. A week ago we were left speechless. Stunned by the violence and aggression of the events of 7 January and the days that followed. But our duty as teachers, our educational role, is to find words quickly. To facilitate dialogue, to listen to the views of our students, to challenge them, to help them down the path of freedom of expression, tolerance and fraternity.

This is more true today than it has ever been, as we support teachers in our partner schools and academies in our successful team the ‘priority’ areas of Montpellier. This is more true than it has ever been, as we must make our expertise available to deserving young people regardless of their background or career path.

We have evidence at our level that living together is a source of excellence, that our students, regardless of their experiences before entering the school, regardless of their paths within our institution, and especially, regardless of the colour of their skin, their nationality, their beliefs, their health, their financial means, all have the same degree success rate and the same level of access to employment. All so different, all equally talented, all equally competent, and all the greater thanks to the diversity of the students they met at our school.

After the shock comes the debate. Listening, speaking, comparing points of view, de-constructing received ideas, educating our young people, tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s parents. To all those who have the talent to transfer knowledge and to lead discussions, may courage, words and tenacity accompany you in the mission that today is yours, ours and everyone’s. Montpellier Business School, in the name of the openness and diversity and wealth we have received from these values, will do everything it can to support this kind of education and dialogue.

Committed to the interministerial delegation for the fight against racism and anti-Semitism (DILCRA: since September 2014, we will, collectively with other higher education institutions, create lessons, open our doors to help teach French citizenship, and ensure that our young students and future students understand and take on board the benefits and wealth of our diversity; so as to live together.