Montpellier Business School is setting up a new service to aid student recruitment

Montpellier Business School is setting up its Careers Centre on the 2nd February 2015, a platform of orientation and personalised recruitment consisting of innovative features for both students and businesses. This solution for managing recruitment offers, proposed by the start-up, is available through the school’s E-campus and via a smartphone application for those studying away from the school. It includes content that is specific to Montpellier Business School, and offers a large range of job information, business advice, and events. It’s a useful tool for getting the most out of the constant merging of our communities for greater professional integration.

What’s the aim of this set-up?

“This set-up has 2 objectives: adding value to our partnerships with the companies, and getting closer to the job market to aid the integration of students. Our students benefit from a new personalised space, which centralises all of their offers for internships, work experience, volunteer work and employment from more than 140 JobTeaser partners, as well as all the offers that come from our own network of partners. It also hosts our resources and advice on how to find work placements such as internships etc. Everybody has access to the services and quality information allowing them to be more thorough in their search and better prepared for their applications. Thanks to the personalised alerts set by the student based on their own research criteria, it’s no longer possible to miss a good offer: it’s a great feature!

On the business side, our 32 major partners, as well as all others that we have a close relationship with, can benefit from the dedicated space by using it to distribute their offers, but also by using it to stay in direct contact with the students by posting new content or meeting them at recruitments seminars and other events. In this way, the businesses have a real opportunity to develop their brand name,” says François-Xavier Théry, Business Development Director at Montpellier Business School.

Given the success of the apprenticeship as a tool in the process of becoming professionals, and the number of students in search of these 2-6 month internships, the introduction of this new tool provides additional support for our students in search of recruitment.