They told him he wasn’t suited to studying. Alexandre responds…

Alexandre started Montpellier Business School in 2013. Now, in the final year of his Master’s sandwich course, he hopes to prove everyone wrong who said he wasn’t cut out for studying. 

“At college, I didn’t enjoy my studies and my results suffered because of it. This meant I was put into a Hotel Management degree by default since my qualifications were considered too “weak”, despite wanting to do a degree in sales. After I graduated, I obtained an exemption in order to do a sandwich degree in business, which I carried out at a large business retailer. I did well in my sandwich, which allowed me to pursue my interests in the area of business. This experience also changed my views on studying, and my academic results greatly increased. My classes taught me some important things that I could use in my professional life, which pushed me to always want to learn more.”

After his degree, Alexandre decided to continue to Master’s, having already completed a Business/Sales Unit Management qualification and a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Communication, again as sandwich courses.

“If I had to give any advice to give youngsters who are hesitant about continuing their studies, I would tell them not to be intimidated about obstacles. When you have the motivation and you’re ready to work, almost anything is possible. Despite having the ability and desire to continue their studies, lots of people are worried about the financial costs that come with studying. I was one of these people, but doing a sandwich course allowed me to study for free, and earn a salary at the same time. On top of this, I was gaining professional experience, which is greatly sought after in today’s job market.”

Because of his 7 years of sandwich courses, Alexandre has developed many different skills, notably those gained working in the sales and marketing department and as assistant department manager at a large retailer. He later worked in a company as the head of project marketing/communication, where he organised a sustainable development programme for children, which took him to the UN. Alexandre is now working at Evian as a communication assistant, which is an “amazing” and “super enriching” job according to him.
He will graduate in 2015 and begin his specialised course in Sales and Business Negotiation.

“I’m happy I chose to do sandwich courses, and I would recommend doing the same to anyone. It’s a great opportunity to grow and assert yourself, while preparing in the best possible way for professional life.”