The Le Point magazine has put Montpellier Business School in 12th place out of the top French Management schools

The Le Point magazine’s annual ranking has just been published and positions Montpellier Business School in 12th place overall (2 places higher than last year) in a context of mergers, joint ventures and cross agreements between the top French business schools and closer ties with universities.

“This ranking is consistent with other awards published since the beginning of the academic year because we have maintained, notably, an excellent 6th place for “Teaching” (teacher/student ratio, number of teacher/researchers, dual degrees, etc.)”, says Olivier Guyottot, director of the Master’s programme at the ESC Montpellier business school. “This is a key aspect of our expertise and we are continuing tirelessly along this road to excellence with our own specialisations”, he adds. “We also gained some places in “added value” and in “employability”, proving particularly that sandwich courses, in addition to playing an indispensable role in social mobility, also fully play their role of being a facilitator of professionalisation and insertion for our graduates”.

Furthermore, this ranking proves, once again, the very considerable diversity of content that everyone can put into each criterion. From one listing to another, we have to accept that there is not always a level playing field. This way, this differentiation reminds us not to imply an unchanging truth upon an institution but first and foremost to present it as being part of a model, because after all each ranking is concerned with the business school model. These indicators are powerful ones and they also provide stakeholders with elements for progression, within their own domains and sectors, and students with elements for comparison and discussion before enrolling for national and international competitive examinations.

“Montpellier Business School is one of the tools for measuring performance in its area. For many years, thanks to the support of our consular establishments, our local authorities and our partner companies, we have competed in terms of inventiveness to remain effective and visible in the competition that takes place both inside and outside our borders”, said Didier Jourdan, the CEO of Montpellier Business School.