2nd Semester of Master’s 2nd Year; after the majors, it’s time for the specialisation courses at Montpellier Business School

Continuous improvement is part of Montpellier Business School’s genes and the final year of the school’s Master’s programme is no exception. It has been enormously redesigned in terms of content and organisation. Organised according to categories and job opportunities, since the start of term this final year has seen the introduction of 10 Majors chosen by the students in relation to their personal objectives. These Majors are studied in 2nd semester following a choice of 17 different specialisations. This evolution mirrors the desire to constantly improve the academic content of the previous years through research into management sciences and linking up with businesses.

These specialisations offer lessons taught by both professionals of the highest levels and university lecturers. The lessons combine the latest academic knowledge with case studies and original role-playing that is in line with managerial innovation, diversity and global performance. It is taught in the form of 6 15-hour modules, on top of which the students choose additional modules based on the industry they want to join; softskills modules based on motivation, well being etc. and a module on entrepreneurship The specialisation also allows students to conclude their final year in a business (work experience or internship), gaining their qualification in December 2015. 

The 10 Majors are: Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales & Negotiation, E-Marketing and Digital Technology, Quality Control, Purchases, Supply Chain, HR Management & CSR, and Strategic, Organisational and Project Management.

In addition to the 17 specialisations offered by Montpellier Business School listed below, the school offers 27 double degrees in partnership with universities in Montpellier, as well as 30 international double Master’s degrees.

The 17 specialisations are Management Control, Start’Up (Creation, Innovation, Leadership), for careers in banking you have Trading or Credit Management, Marketing, Sales Negotiating, International Wine Commerce, Intercultural Management, Digital Environment Commerce, Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Strategy or Digital Presence & Online Business for digital marketing, Purchases Management and Supply Chain Management, Management Consulting, Consulting in a Digital Environment, HR Management and finally International Business Model Developer.

In an economic world where it’s necessary to be not overly specialised, versatile and convincing with your personal project all at the same time, no doubt these new measures will give even more value to students who graduate in December 2015.