When you enjoy what you do, everything becomes a lot easier… You just need to get past the barrier of module choices

Originally from Arles, once she passed her social and economic BAC, Anne had to make her post-BAC choices. It’s a time that for so many is a source of stress and questioning. “For me it was a very complicated course choice. There were so many different options I didn’t even know where to begin. Some students know from the very beginning whether they want to be doctors or lawyers, but for me I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. Like many others, I was lost in making my post-BAC choices.”

“I did my first year of university but I quickly realised that it wasn’t for me, and there I was again in orientation, only this time the options weren’t as numerous. I heard about the Bachelor’s programme at Montpellier Business School from a friend in the Master’s programme but I didn’t think I was at a good enough level to apply! When I went to the open day, the Bachelor’s programme team were there to help me with all my questions, to give me information about all the modules and the lessons and how to link it in with my qualifications. The desire led to confidence and I decided that this would be the place for me.”

Anne is doing the final year of her Bachelor’s over 2 years, all in English, including a business internship and a certificate from La Trobe University: “The first semester was quite hard for me with all the courses being in English and a new method of learning, so I decided to stack the odds in my favour by doing a 6 month internship in London at a PR agency in the food and wine industry. The personal challenge made me realise that I was capable… Capable of adapting myself, capable of improving my level of English and most of all, capable of being autonomous and professional while working abroad. I came back to France in December and now the courses in English are straightforward!”

Anne recognises the investment of her parents, both of which are entrepreneurs in the construction industry: “It can seem pretty expensive to enrol at a Grande Ecole, but you have really good teachers and you have a personal guide that helps you all the way which makes such a difference! I joined the school’s Task Force and now I go to the orientation seminars. It’s something that I like to do because I was in that position not so long ago. I needed help and needed someone to tell me that I could get into the Grandes Ecoles. When we’re young, our teachers often find it easy to categorise us, which leads to a lack of confidence, so I want to be present to give an honest and sincere point of view to those people who have these questions. Today I enjoy what I do, I’ve gained so many abilities, and I don’t regret a thing!”