Academic Year Abroad - the Bachelor’s Students of Montpellier Business School are entitled to it too! Off to ESAN in Lima for Laurie

Laurie joined the Bachelor’s programme at Montpellier Business School in 2012. Currently the Assistant Brand Manager at NCH in England on her year’s work experience, she waited a long time to get her year abroad up and running. And now she’s done this, she’s applying to spend her final year at ESAN in Lima, Peru.

A quick interview from Birmingham following the publication of the exchange destinations

“I can’t get over it! I’ve been jumping around everywhere this morning! I saw the publication of master students’ destinations on the Montpellier Business School Facebook page! I’m so happy and I let everyone in the office know! At the moment I’m on work experience in Birmingham, the 2nd largest city in England. I work at NCH Europe, which is an American B to B Company that deals with chemical cleaning, maintenance and treatment of water,” she says.

“I’ve been an Assistant Brand Manager since September and I continue until next June. My main jobs are: making and updating the marketing sales reports for the sales department (datasheets, case studies on clients’ businesses, presentations on product pioneering and technological advances), managing the company’s European communication on its website and on social networks, helping to set up meetings with managers from European countries and managing all the translations for new products (which involves working with multiple countries and the company’s chemists on technical aspects). In short, I’m having a whale of a time!”

“While I was in Montpellier, I was the communications coordinator for the student association IRIS Live and I learned a lot! Out of all the options we have, the International Business programme was an obvious choice since it allows you to do a year abroad with an exchange university. I’m going to have the chance to discover a new country and a new culture in Latin America, which is certainly a lot different to our own, to master a new language and graduate with an international double degree. I know that businesses look for recognised degrees, experiences abroad and previous work experience. With this programme I now have all three! It’s too bad that I’m not coming back next year, but I invite you all to the land of the llamas!”

See you soon Laurie…