1 BAC, 2 BTS’s, 3 years of professional experience… all before arriving at Montpellier Business School. What a life story!

Johan is 26. He’s currently in the first year of his Master Grande Ecole programme at Montpellier Business School. He won’t be doing his year abroad and for a good reason; he’s decided to complete his course by doing 2 years of work experience instead, which he hopes to attain in the field of management controlling.

“I’m taking a very disjointed route. I didn’t do fantastically in my scientific BAC, and so I didn’t know what to do after school. I loved sport; I remember talking a lot about nutrition and sport management… I didn’t give it a second thought and enrolled at a private school to do a nutrition BTS. Once I’d finished this, I obviously didn’t find any work in this field. After hundreds of rejections, I spent 3 years doing everything you could possibly think of: security, gardening, building, even working on a production line… I can’t thank the production line manager enough because one day he decided to offer me a permanent contract… When I was talking to him, he gave me an apprenticeship so that I could continue with my studies in the form of a Management BTS at GRETA!”

Johan has a taste for studies and figures. However, he admits that he struggled to get to terms initially with balance sheets, but says he keeps going and wants to go even further. He decided to do the exams for the gateway contest and only began revision 3 months before the deadline. He finished 1100th but only Montpellier Business School would allow him to start with a sandwich course. He got into the school based on his oral exam and made a good impression with the jury.

“I remember my examination very well, I believe I gave absolutely everything on that day. The oral examination method allowed me to recount my entire journey, where I came from… They asked me so many questions that I didn’t even notice 20 minutes had gone by! I left feeling drained but very happy. I had nothing to be ashamed of!”

Johan joined the first year of the Master’s programme at Montpellier Business School. Possessing an apprenticeship and having turned 26 last September, he needs to find a professional contract that lasts 36 months, though he has only found one for 24 months so far. He has polished off his professional project; he will work in the field of project management. He has until December 2016 to find what he’s looking for.

“I hope nobody has to do what I’ve done. It was incredibly difficult. I advise all students who have just passed their BAC to look into as many openings for endorsed studies as possible. And don’t be too specialised. It’s like when you’re skiing on a slope. If you miss an exit, it’s not easy to get back up the piste. You soon begin to feel rejected by the system, and just like that you feel down and out. I would also tell them to always remain confident and make the most of all opportunities. My opportunity came in the form of my boss. Thank you sir…”