Deciding her pathway based on her values: the choice of a Bachelor’s programme student

Currently in her third year of her Bachelor’s programme at Montpellier Business School, Melanie found out about her partner university destination last Friday for the International Business module.

At the moment, Melanie is doing her 12-month work experience at RG Systems, an Inventory Management & Data Backup Start Up, in Pérols as a Marketing & Communications Assistant; “Forget about the jobs I have to do, I want to talk about the relationships and values of this environment. I work in a very friendly environment, where the relationships between the employees are strong and full of respect. People are at the centre of the company: we even participated in the Montpellier Marathon relay together… To put things simply, I arrive at work every morning with a smile on my face, and you can’t put a price on that! Being interested in the field of new technologies, I feel happy at work. The jobs that I have to do are exactly what I expected. Work experience such as this is invaluable in getting my professional career started. I’ve become a lot more open and mature.”

With the values that she’s developed in this field in mind, Melanie talks about Sweden; “It’s a country that has always fascinated me! The Swedish culture, their mentality, their manners, their efficiency, their organisation in day-to-day life, their sporty side and their discretion impress me a lot. For me, it’s all about Tylösand beach, the Northern Lights, Fika, cycling, the multiculturalism of Halmstad… It’s the Scandinavian lifestyle! I’m really happy because this was my first choice and Halmstad University, being a Marketing oriented university, suits me perfectly and allows me to continue the Commercial Business Management & International Marketing Bachelor’s that I do in Montpellier! After the first two years where the lessons were very tangible, a third year in business, and my final year on academic exchange abroad, I’ll have the essential tools for adapting my life to the business world, which is becoming more and more international,” concludes Melanie, who has ensured she gets the most of out each year of her Bachelor’s.

Melanie gave a piece of advice to all Bachelor’s students; “When you join a programme after high school, you don’t necessarily have the perspective to plan ahead. Our values guide us at the very beginning, so always follow your instincts!”