14th March at 18:30, UNICEF and Montpellier Business School students working together for “La Nuit de l’Eau” 2015

Working in groups to achieve social and humanitarian goals - these are the educational projects that are an integral part of the teachings in the first years of Master’s and Bachelor’s courses. The projects are an opportunity for students to put their knowledge into practice, especially in project management, for a good cause. With the help of a tutor, “La Nuit de l’Eau” is the 2015 challenge facing Laura, Elsa, Stanislas, Pierre, Ludovic, Louis, Florian and Alexis, all of whom are Master’s students at Montpellier Business School. Their objective is to increase public awareness of the situation in Togo regarding children and their lack of access to clean water.   

This isn’t the first time this project has been done. In partnership with UNICEF, under the guidance of Monsieur Etienne Mirgaine, President of UNICEF 34 and Madame Sandrine Kubisz, Academic Coordinator of the Master Grande Ecole programme, these 8 students are in charge of the organisation for the 8th edition of “La Nuit de l’Eau” at the Piscine Amphitrite at Saint-Jean-de-Védas.

Ludovic, the project manager, tells us “All members of our group come from different backgrounds. The real challenge in this project is to combine our strengths and experiences to create an event that measures up to UNICEF, the association that we’re representing. Each person is specialised in the area that they feel strongest in so that we can hand in some quality final work. Instead of it being an obstacle in our project, our diversity is a driving force that brings our group together and makes us more efficient in completing the challenges.”

Pierre, involved in the communications centre, adds, “We requested the pool for the event  near the Métropole, and the AQUALOVE SAUVETAGE club (a club affiliated with the French Federation of Rescue and First Aid) offered us the services of 2 lifeguards to oversee the event. With regards to communications, we’ve invited the regional press to join in and we’ve created a Facebook page with all the relevant information.”

Alexis and Laura, who deal with sponsoring, finished off by saying, “We’ve approached potential partners that can make donations. We’ve also got a partnership with Montpellier Nat’Synchro who will do a synchronised swimming performance for our event! As of today we’ve also sorted partnerships with the French Swimming Federation, Pathé Cinema and Laser Quest Montpellier. We’ve put a lot of work into this organisation and we’re looking forward to seeing the result of it all in a few days!”

Rendez-vous at the Piscine Amphitrite in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, Saturday 14th March from 18:30-22:00.