Students are raising awareness for the inequality between men and women alongside “La Maison du Tiers Monde”

During their first year, students in the Master and Bachelor’s programmes work alongside an association and carry out a project with them. Some students have chosen to work alongside “La Maison du Tiers Monde” to raise awareness in the fight against male and female inequality!

“Last October, we met the association “La Maison du Tiers Monde”, represented by Ms Christine Perelroizen, who fight against social inequalities which exist between men and women. It’s Ms Perelroizen’s conviction that attracted us to this campaign. She emphasised to us the fact that there had been a massive decline in inequality in France over the last few years, but said that people aren’t overly concerned with the problem around the country. Every 5 years, a world march is organised, a march that “La Maison du Tiers Monde” is going to take part in in September. Our objectives are, firstly, to make a video of the march that presents the association’s objectives and, secondly, to develop a way of communicating with the French through whatever means possible.”

The students believe that the organisation of coherent teamwork is one of the keys to success in the project. Their guidance from their tutor, Associate Professor Lucas Dufour and the president of the association have all contributed to the writing of the script, filming the montage, the choice of actors, approaching companies to help with its distribution etc. “In the video, we wanted to highlight the inequalities that everyone can experience, without just pointing the finger at men, without basing our video on just violence and harassment, be it physical or mental. Our goal isn’t to dramatize, but rather construct a positive spirit of togetherness that persuades people to join the march. We’ve received a lot of help and we’re really happy with the result! Working as a team for a cause has allowed us to grow as people and present different values without looking for any sort of gratification.”

So come along to the march in September and please share the video with as many people as possible!