Going Abroad and Professional Experience: the Ingredients for Good Self-Confidence

Marine joined the Bachelor’s at Montpellier Business School in 2012. After 2 years in Montpellier, she joined the Combe d’Ase laboratory in the Alpes de Haute Provence as assistant project manager in the aromatherapy field (essential oils, floral water, vegetable oils and natural cosmetics). She also joined the International Business module and has now just been accepted by Manchester Metropolitan University for her final academic year.

“It’s great news today! I really wanted this university! I’m delighted with the professional experience in France that’s given me a lot of autonomy and a lot of responsibilities. It’s a very well rounded work-experience that has given me an insight into all aspects of the role in a flourishing market with large seasonal peaks! Now my role has progressed to an assistant Web Manager: I manage the press partnerships and the blogging relationships, I work on our Pinterest page and I regularly get involved with the HTML for writing and managing a new website, which will be online soon. And finally, I’m helping in the development of a webmarketing strategy. I’ve had the opportunity to be in a dynamic SMB!”

“My challenge for 2016: come back with a great level of English and a strong double degree. I chose the university in Manchester for its reputation, but more generally I chose England to improve in e-Marketing. In fact, the Anglo-Saxon countries started this field that has become so crucial today. My year at university is going to add to my experiences and help me on my way towards my professional career (something that’s not an absolute certainty yet!) The best thing about Montpellier Business School is that’s it’s international. I joined the programme for this dimension and now I’m really going to profit from my choices. With a 16-month work experience and 9 months of academic study abroad, I’m going to gain advantages that will make my CV stand out when it’s time to look for a job.”

“What’s more, I’m going to be accompanied by my classmate Juliette on my journey. Coincidence or destiny!? I’m sure that the two of us are going to have a great British experience!”