VSE-SME managers: our research-professors need 5 minutes of your time!

Research-professors in management science owe their reputation to the quality and the number of their publications, especially in scientific journals. These journals are classified by the CNRS according to their “impact factor”, their reputation and their rejection rate in 4 categories: Category A, B, C and D journals. The higher the impact factor is and the more selective the evaluation process is, the more the journal is considered important in the academic community. The publications are based on scientific studies with business panels or leaders.

Dr Yves Barlette, Dr Katherine Gundolf and Dr Annabelle Jaouen, research-professors at Montpellier Business School, therefore launched, a few weeks ago, a major study of their behaviour regarding the protection of their information with the leaders of VSE-SMEs. The results of this study are intended to be published in major national and international journals.

“This quantitative online study is only for leaders of VSE-SMEs, whether they look after security in their business or not. It seeks to highlight what types of actions the leader implements (or does not) for IT security in their company, and in both cases, what the factors are which motivate or block these actions. The analysis and processing of data will be completely confidential, and will be conducted at a global and not an individual level. The data will obviously be used only for scientific purposes and will not be communicated to commercial enterprises”, Dr. Yves Barlette warns us.

Dr Yves Barlette, Professor of Information Systems in the Innovation Management, Quality and Information Systems Department, Dr Katherine Gundolf and Dr Annabelle Jaouen, Professors of Entrepreneurship in Montpellier Business School’s Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department thank you for your help:

Click here to take part in the study (only leaders of VSE-SMEs: 1-250 employees).