The Montpellier Business School Executive MBA relocates its “Innovation Management” module to Casablanca

In mid-February, the participants of the Montpellier Business School Executive MBA programme joined their counterparts in Casablanca to follow, in situ, the 20th “innovation management” module led by Dr Nassim Belbaly, a Montpellier Business School professor.

“This relocation, which is perfectly integrated into the MBA programme, is not a coincidence. It physically and mentally invites each participant to rethink their own references and reasoning. In this seminar, I give them the toolkit allowing them firstly to analyse, using 9 essential components, the business model of real companies they have studied and to determine which of them should be acted upon to create value. Finally, they must rethink the business model around these new areas and evaluate it again! And then, we can really talk about innovation management”, says Dr. Nassim Belbaly.

Of course, the module also includes a very theoretical part of the course on new types of Business Model. Comparing theory, practices, procedures and different and complementary strategic visions, which is, moreover, away from the norm and in another country, and is genuinely enriching at all levels. Because innovation is also, perhaps most importantly, about seeing things differently.

This relocation was also the opportunity to visit companies in situ, including the factory belonging to SOMACA, a subsidiary of Renault, which applies a strong element of managerial innovation and being received at the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry by Mr. Khalid Idrissi, the Director of support for investors and business creation (no.1 FCCI in the world in terms of its results) and the Head of the Languedoc-Roussillon Region’s office in Morocco, Mrs. Siham El Khaddar.

In terms of the participants, we saw win-win exchanges! “This seminar gave me a new vision of innovation in France. I could compare it with that of an economically-emerging country, affected by radical changes in many areas, where entrepreneurs contribute new ideas every day! The meeting with our counterparts in Casablanca provided genuine added value on many levels. On the one hand, several participants from Montpellier have market creation or development projects in the Mediterranean region, and Morocco is their gateway to Africa. For me, it’s the opposite; I came back hoping to support some of the Moroccan participants’ development projects...!” points out Abdelaziz Yasri, the founder of ORIBASES PHARMA and a participant in the Montpellier Business School Executive MBA.

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