Montpellier Business School offers 52 places for future startup creators in the specialization programme Start Up: creation, innovation and leadership

Montpellier Business School has trained over 200 entrepreneurs over the past decade. Thanks to this success and to the massive development of student entrepreneurship on a territory now labelled French Tech; the specialisation courses dedicated to business creation reformats to meet the new needs of entrepreneur students. It becomes "Start-up" creation, innovation and leadership!

This course is now led by Pierre-Alain Rogel, graduated from specialization Small Business, Entrepreneur in 2009 and start up creator based both in France and in the US.  He has developed lessons based on the day to day challenges that he had to confront as young designer. Among them, he retained: Knowing how to write and present a business plan; develop a strategy; understand the entrepreneur's profile; how to finance and develop the capital; be able to negotiate with the various stakeholders; know the best practices of business management; be aware of corporate law and manage relationships with your banker...

"While creating a company, every creator faces many challenges that must be overcome! General teachings of management schools are precious and we are particularly well supported in Montpellier Business School. However, at some point you have to go to the realization and this is where it gets tough... There are some rules that cannot be learned! I am very happy to contribute to the development of my school in Montpellier even if it's not my home region. As part of a Metropolitan French Tech, we are in a very proactive microcosm of start-ups creation with ever more committed players."

Montpellier, Metropolitan French Tech startup incubators are among the best incubators of innovative companies in the world ranking of UBI Index. "We would like to develop future partnerships with various incubators in the region for the Montpellier Business School Entrepreneurship pole, and, who knows, it could be a great experience!”

After the first week, with 52 students, Pierre-Alain gives us his first impressions: "The students are very motivated and creative. Some are already in advanced stage of development and we are creating a great teaching dynamic with the students and stakeholders. If I have an advice for them to succeed, it would be: Always put the customer and his satisfaction at the centre of your concerns. A satisfied customer is a customer who will come back, and who will talk to his entourage about your company. Second important tip: Innovation is not just technology, it can also be commercial, qualitative, and managerial ... It should not be limited to the big success of the Web. One can be innovative in different ways, even in traditional companies but more importantly, one must be differentiator!”