3rd year of a Bachelor’s programme: opportunity of a double degree with La Trobe University

For more than 10 years, the Bachelor’s programme at Montpellier Business School has been partnered with La Trobe University in Australia. This partnership allows students who don’t want to spend a year at a partner university abroad to benefit from the same advantages gained through studying abroad and grab hold of a sought-after international diploma. This year, more than 100 students have made this choice, in order to obtain an international diploma from La Trobe University, which classed among the top 500 universities in the world (Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2012).

To obtain this diploma, students in their final year must choose 5 modules, as well as the 5 modules and work placements they need to gain their Bachelor’s in International Business from Montpellier Business School. Paul Chiambaretto, head of the International Marketing module at MBS, explained to us: “This is the second year that I’ve offered the International Marketing module for students in the final year of their Bachelor’s. Last year I discovered a way of teaching this specific programme; I work in partnership with a professor at La Trobe University, who teaches the same topic in Australia. We coordinate ourselves on the courses, the work expected from students, and the exams which are all taken together. Despite the fact that more than 16,000km separate the two universities, the courses taught at Montpellier Business School correspond perfectly with those at La Trobe. Each year, we welcome the Australian university so that we can meet up with the Australian teachers that we work with.”     

The students have done well to get to grips with their lessons so far, given that a short adaptation is usually necessary in order that that each student can get up to speed with things. “The courses are mostly academic mentoring – the rest of the teaching comes form e-learning, with a lot of autonomy, rigorous organisation of work, a few lectures, and homework. That’s the Anglo-Saxon method! I have the job of a guide, of a coach, assuring them that they can pass the exams set by the Australian teachers in the best way possible. For me, a good lesson is one that interacts with the students, that pushes them to develop their written and oral abilities in English. The students can’t afford to use broken English in their work and so I set up concepts so that they’ll be more confident that they’ll succeed. This gamble isn’t easy for French students.”

A degree from La Trobe University is recognised by many international companies. It opens a lot of doors to international employment, and perfectly rounds off the courses of these final year students. The Bachelor’s degree is accompanied by the IAE licence of Montpellier University II, which you get in addition to the programme.