Sabrina – a Montpellier Business School and La Trobe University graduate: Now I know why “we have the potential to be different!”

On Friday evening, Sabrina spoke in the amphitheatre during the 2015 Bachelor’s graduation from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, in a moving moment in perfect English, without paper or notes and a very touched audience. The empathetic, beaming 23-year-old tells us about her experience.

“I’m originally from Morocco. After I finished my Economics and Social Sciences baccalauréat at Lycée Lyautey and a 2 years programme in International Business, I’m not afraid to say that I was completely disorientated. I didn’t know exactly what my strengths and weaknesses were, what I had to improve… I decided to join a business school so that I could work towards a Master’s and gain some sort of security with regards to a degree, similar to everyone else. But during these last few years, I’ve found the opposite. I’ve become aware of my uniqueness! The lessons, the teaching methods, working with others during difficult exercises… Rather than hide amongst the crowd, this school has allowed me to distinguish myself from the mass with the help of one another. At Montpellier Business School, there’s an ambiance of togetherness. We all help each other to improve, but we each hold onto the things that make us unique. In the beginning, I didn’t entirely understand what they meant by “you have the potential to be different!” it’s now obvious that diversity enriches us. Choosing this Management Grande École allowed me to achieve that. I learnt to learn, to develop my abilities to adapt and be open-minded, I learnt to connect my skills and to use them with my own personality. It’s a transferrable skill in all walks of life. And that’s what I wanted all my classmates to witness on Friday evening!”

Sabrina joined the final year of the Bachelor’s programme in 2013, which lasts 2 years. She’s got fond memories of her time as a marketing and communication assistant working alongside Mr Stéphane Rombauts and Sandrine Petite at Odysseum and of the crazy success in the creation of the “teddy bear lost & found team” on the shopping centre’s Facebook page. “We were in a team with Estelle, another student from Montpellier Business School. We had so much fun working there. I had a strong team that I had a lot of confidence in, who gave me free rein and with whom I developed some quality relationships.”

Sabrina is joining the Master’s programme this year at Montpellier Business School. Her objective is to spend her final year at a partner university abroad with the International Business module. “Yes, a double degree again! But this time I’m going abroad! I’ve always travelled a lot, and everything I have seen and all the people that I’ve shared experiences with have contributed to everything that I am today. Now I have the ability and the confidence to go a bit further. Who knows, maybe the United States!” There’s no doubt that Sabrina will do well, since as she says “If you made it here, you can make it everywhere!