Adaptability, passion, the present… Life is like a box of chocolates!

Pauline is a 2011 graduate from the Master Grande École – ESC Montpellier programme. She’s currently working as a project manager at CEMOI, the only independent organisation in France to master the cocoa bean production chain. Going back to its roots in the eastern Pyrenees, and an international perspective far from its Parisian constraints.

In this economic period when the majority of graduates feel constrained by a frantic Parisian lifestyle, Pauline talks about the dynamism of businesses in the Midi-Pyrénées region and of her link to their teachings and values. “I’m proud of contributing to the local economy within an international structure. I’ve had various experiences in the banking sector (Crédit Agricole), in oil (Dyneff) and briefly in the construction industry (Fayat), I finally settled down at a chocolatier’s. CEMOI has strong values, given its independence. I joined the group in May 2014 and I’m very happy here.”

The most important thing for graduates when looking for employment in the first few years after their degree is their adaptability and their personality. “Companies love this. They look to recruit wonderful personalities, but most importantly, they want to recruit someone who’s adaptable and able to turn their hand to anything. That’s maybe why the recruitment of young graduates is less morose than other demographics during this crisis. In my case, my attachment to where I come from and the openness that I gained from my academic year abroad are determining factors in my motivation!”

Pauline believes that you can do anything when you believe in yourself. “I did a Technological Baccalauréat, and after that I tried the prep classes for a month and a half, but in the end, I decided they weren’t for me. Instead I did a BTS in Commercial Units Management. I joined Montpellier for its academic year abroad. I finished my course with a Master’s in Finance. There’s such a massive difference between a Technological Baccalauréat and Finance! The only similarity I can see is the desire to do something that you’re passionate about.”

Pauline wants to remind students at Montpellier Business School to live life to the fullest during these 4 years, especially their year abroad. “I went to Bucaramanga in Colombia for a year. Time doesn’t wait for anything. Live in the present and follow your path. It will lead you to where you want to be…”