Mark Up! The marketing project for 2nd year students on the Master Grande École programme, led by Cédrine Joly and Paul Chiambaretto, professors at Montpellier Business School

Last week, more than 500 students in their 2nd year of the Master Grande École – ESC Montpellier programme dove into a project that required them to examine a business problem using the skills they had learnt from their strategic and operational marketing lectures. With the help of Dr. Cédrine Joly and Paul Chiambaretto, and assisted by Groupe La Poste, they had 3 days in groups to examine the problem from a marketing viewpoint, decide how to approach the problem, and make their recommendations to DELL France.

Mark Up is a situational academic project that was launched in 2013. Its objective is to make you think about the global reach and impact of B2B and B2C marketing from the point of view of a current partner. Following on from Orchestra, this time it’s DELL’s turn, one of the largest partners in Montpellier Business School’s history.

The problem concerned the brand and its development in professional markets. Product innovation, CRM, sales, distribution channels, communications… This year, the project touched on every aspect of marketing!

Groupe La Poste was also a stakeholder in the project by providing logistical and technical support, notably with regards to studies in above the line and below the line marketing data, given all their relative expertise in data collecting.

The 51 groups were assembled randomly with the aim of combining full-time, sandwich course and international students in order to combine their academic impact, their professional organisation and their creativity. Briefed in the amphitheatre by Mr Karim Manar, SMB marketing director at DELL France, and brand consultant Fédérico Di Candido, the students were under quite a bit of pressure.

“Time management played an important role in their organisation since they only had 3 days and a maximum of 30 slides to present their results. And of course this project required an evaluation. The 10 best groups will be informed within 10 days of their presentations being marked and will be asked to present their findings in a showroom on the 16th April. A panel of experts will be present, composed of business partners and members of staff from Montpellier Business School.” Say Cédrine Joly and Paul Chiambaretto.  

Montpellier Business School and its students would like to thank DELL and Groupe La Poste for being the partners for the 2015 Mark Up project! Come along on the 16th April for the results!