Saturday 2nd May 2015: Take part in a national challenge to help further research into Rett syndrome

To embed the values of diversity in professional behaviours. This is the aim of the teaching system at Montpellier Business School. Second year students, Laury, Mélanie, Ines, Gabriel, Simon, Hugo, Ramy and Thibault are helping the “French Rett Syndrome Association” and the “A Rett toi pour courrir” association in a project that aims to raise public awareness and get them more involved in Rett syndrome.

Laurie, coordinator of the project, says “It’s the first year that the “A Rett toi pour courrir” association has called on the help of students from Montpellier Business School. So obviously there’s a lot of pressure on us. But it’s a positive stress, because we’re very excited about working with AFSR (French Rett Syndrome Association). On top of our involvement in the cause, we’re able to help the association by applying the skills that we’ve learnt at Montpellier Business School. It’s a very enriching experience because it’s something different. On top of everything else, it really makes us realise how fortunate we are to have been born with good health. Rett syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs almost exclusively in girls, which stems from a problem in the development of the central nervous system. The disorder leads to a multi disability, which can involve intellectual deficiencies and often very severe palsies.”   

With the help of Mr Lionel Rivière, Professor at Montpellier Business School, and Ms France Caelen and Ms Marjolaine Chassefière from the association, the students have to achieve 2 objectives: organising an awareness seminar led by specialist doctors in the research of multi disabilities, and organising a relay course around the town that is accessible to everyone.

“The objective of this course is to involve amateurs as well as occasional runners. It’s intended for families and we’ve got 7 young girls with Rett syndrome that are taking part in the race with their parents.” Says Thibault, before adding, “So far, we haven’t had any difficulties. We’ve actually picked up a few new skills! At first we essentially only had to deal with letting everyone know about the course and organising the seminar, but now we’ve also got to deal with phoning up possible sponsors to find someone to sponsor the course. With these new tasks we’ve got more autonomy and more responsibility, which is really motivating!”

So come along to Montpellier Business School on the 29th April at 18:45 to find out more, and keep your 2nd May free so that you can run at the Murviel les Montpellier!

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