“Luxury is the realisation of a dream,” says Alain Némarq, President of Mauboussin during a conference at Montpellier Business School

A packed amphitheatre on 1st April welcomed Alain Némarq, President of Mauboussin, as part of a plenary conference. The goal was to share his vision of luxury at Mauboussin throughout his entire career. A testimony of a great man nicknamed "the rebel of the Place Vendome" who has had a successful career in this field that is very popular among graduates.

A graduate of Sup de Co Rouen, Alain Némarq starts with the principal of his career; "Everything is possible and the path to success is more down to whom you meet than what you know." At the end of his business studies he met a graduate from the Ecole Centrale of Arts and Manufactures who opened the way for him to enter HEC. He taught there for six years while studying a Doctorate of Management at the University of Paris Dauphine. It was by meeting the President of Biggermann that he joined Balsan. In 1985 he met Pierre Bergé and that marked a turning point in his career. His job interview consisted of a few hours of conversation on Sartre and Camus, and a sentence that will forever remain etched in his memory... "I trust you because I do not know you!"

"I learned the foundations at YSL and that allowed me to explore a world that was not my own. I could experiment and innovate with this brand Kenzo as with any other on the market. In 2001 I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Dominique Frémont, the head at Mauboussin, who told me about a 15-day strategic consultancy mission... Comforted at the time by the KPMG auditor, Dominique Frémont put me in charge of restructuring, but... as part-time and in addition to my full-time job. As managing director, I made redefining my focus. The jewel is an accessory. It’s the subject of a dream come true, and I decided to make it financially accessible to women! I therefore changed the business model and I changed the way of manufacturing the product, as well as the places where they are manufactured. The Mauboussin mission, as I defined it at the time, became that of a campaigner. Dominique Frémont had the idea to ask me to put prices in adverts, which was brilliant! The company now handles luxury as mass consumption. It took 15 years to agree to leave the Place Vendome for Rue de la Paix. I had to take responsibility for everything, which is outrageous for such an industry!”

Alain Némarq concludes with Mauboussin’s current strategy in terms of new points of sale and marketing innovation, recalling that "a good head is a head that has a lot of room for instincts" and recalling some basic tips: "It has to be said that if you stay in the same career for 35 years, in the same area, you become a has-been... You always have to be open, to share experiences, to trust people we don’t know... and always get stuck in.”