Did you know? To pay off an outstanding debt of €12,000 at an 8% margin, you need to generate an additional €150,000 in revenue, CFO France explains!


Guillaume Martin graduated with a double degree in October 2013 from the Master Grande Ecole and Master in Finance management at the Montpellier 1 University. Created at the beginning of 2015, CFO FRANCE (Cash Flow Optimisation) specialises in the Recovery of Loans & Consulting, is based in Aix-en-Provence and has dealings throughout France.

"At the end of my course I needed to take a step back on my career and look at things from the outside... The experiences are rich in the Grande Ecole, particularly in Montpellier, and there are so many choices. Free of any academic constraints and in an environment where everything is possible, my abilities and desires to get things moving developed through the idea of founding CFO FRANCE. At the same time, my CV was the reason for my return last August as I had two choices open to me: either to work in a large international bank, or stand on my own. In the end, I chose the challenge of autonomy."

From an economic observation, "Late payments and non-payments are the leading cause of bankruptcy among French companies, representing nearly a quarter of bankruptcies. I wanted to join in the democratisation of the concept of "cash" by participating in its integration at the heart of business and financial policies, particularly in small and micro businesses."

"In addition to simple collection activities, we wanted to innovate by offering companies comprehensive solutions to optimise their cash flow by integrating the concept of credit management in their decision-making. Thus, we offer companies an outsourced and optimised management of their client filtering and the issuance of amicable and legal debt collection invoices. Our fight against late payments and arrears is based on three strategies: analysis and monitoring of prospective and existing customers, monitoring and preventive reminder invoices and amicable and legal debt collection.”

CFO FRANCE also supports companies in their development through a consulting division, dealing with the optimisation of cash and inventory management, as well as the realisation of complete financial analysis that include personalised recommendations. Beyond a subcontracting relationship, CFO FRANCE primarily establishes a relationship with its clients based on the sustainability of their businesses and the safety of their receipts.

"My training at Montpellier Business School allowed me to have the essential tools to understand a company's performance indicators. If I had any advice for future applicants, it’s do not rush a job... From time to time, you need to take a step back! At no point during my BAC would you have heard me talk about entrepreneurship, yet today I'm in my element!"