Within the Framework of the Programme of Excellence, 80 college and high school students are off to Paris with Montpellier Business School

For over 10 years Montpellier Business School has been involved in equal opportunities. As part of the Programme of Excellence, it has accompanied 80 high school students to the capital! The visit, organised through the Human Resources, Diversity and CSR Department, was an opportunity for these students to be exposed to different ways of looking at knowledge through the discovery of cultural heritage in the City of Lights. A goal achieved and excitement guaranteed!

Friday 13th March, 07:10, Montpellier Train Station, anticipation is at its peak: 80 high school and college students, 8 teachers, 13 students and 3 staff of Montpellier Business School set sail for the capital. For most students, this is a first! On the agenda: visiting the Cité des Sciences, the Palace of Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Pyramid, the Museum of Natural History embellished with a boat trip and a walk to the Trocadero. The goal: to complete support in the framework of the Programme of Excellence via a weekend of historical and cultural inspiration. "We offered these young students a weekend dedicated to discovering of cultural heritage in the capital. For most, it was the first time they had visited Paris," says Benjamin Ferran, Head of social interaction.

The Programme of Excellence shares Montpellier Business School’s feelings on equal opportunities. Both programmes are designed for college students and deserving students from the Academy of Montpellier to help them clarify their orientation into higher education. The support also allows students to evolve in unknown social backgrounds.

"Regardless of our differences, to simply talk with high school students from diverse backgrounds, to empathise, to be able to offer them help and give them confidence allows us to be useful and makes us realise that our society still has some preconceptions against which we must fight." It is hoped that this different outlook accompanies them on their future management courses.