Constant Innovation at Montpellier Business School: “Design Thinking” - An Elective in his Final Year of BIBA at Montpellier Business School

Dr. Carlos Sanchez is an international research professor, marketer and social entrepreneur. After a long career as a teaching consultant at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, he joined Montpellier Business School in September.

“I did my PhD at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and did my applied field work in Mexico. For ten years, I had the chance to work at Tec de Monterrey, an academic partner of Montpellier Business School. It was also through coming to give marketing seminars in Spanish as a visiting professor that I was able to find Montpellier Business School. For a long time in Mexico, it has been customary for companies to work in cooperation with the research professors. So, I had the opportunity to perform consulting projects for Nike, Puma and Novartis, among others. I plan to offer this experience to companies that want it because research in management sciences can really be applied.”

“Since the start I’ve given marketing and communication courses for the Masters second-years (M1) and now I’m offering "Design Thinking" (Thinking Design) as a final-year module for Bachelors (sandwich course or full-time). Design Thinking is an innovative participatory methodology for proposed solutions based on an understanding of the needs/expectations of the persons concerned (Human centred approach). Design Thinking is an approach born in Silicon Valley during the 2000s and promoted by engineer David Kelley and designer Tim Brown (Ideo).”

“A number of large companies use this method. Apple, for example, has used this method to develop some of its Mac accessories (the mouse). Recently, its implementation has grown strongly, particularly in emerging and developing countries. It is a strategic prerequisite for technicians and engineers.” 

“Currently, students are working on my 11 "Challenges". When I explained my course to them and I told them they only  needed their brains, post-it notes and play dough, they looked at me like I was an alien. I am very happy with their projects. Beyond the analysis of the problems, the use of mind-maps, they learned to prototype and to test their solutions for the persons concerned. The objective was to demonstrate the usefulness of this innovative approach in the design of products and services centred around the human being.”

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