Part of the specialisation courses, it’s “Banking and Financial Roles” – discretion and professionalism required !

When people think about the term “business school”, the majority of people only think of job offers and fields. But a management Grande École goes a lot further: it forms well rounded, though still specialised, students. With regards to their modules, their environments and their aims, this opens a lot of possible career paths. The story of Pierre Antoine in medical entrepreneurship is just one example.

Pierre Antoine, 2nd year Master’s, is a typical student. He joined the second year after a Bachelor’s and will graduate in 2015 with the specialisation “Digital Marketing”. The field he wants to join is the medical equipment sector on an international scale. He’s just created a website referencing all the businesses in the medical field allowing him to find new outlets through conferences and meetings.

“I was lucky enough to have a father that was an entrepreneur in a very specific sector: international data for medical equipment. I very quickly learned the importance of looking beyond your limits. I often went with him to seminars, conferences, projects and training courses. One thing led to another and with my vision of a “connected young man” in a developing market, I had the idea of creating an international collaborative platform – a bit like LinkedIn – but exclusively for businesses in the medical industry: manufacturers, distributors, service providers etc. The idea was to provide a platform with which everybody could develop their online presence and find clients and business partners throughout the world.”

It’s a great idea! In 2013, he launched Medicamatch. A year later, he raised 500,000 euros through collaborative funding and a partnership with Provestis, a society directed by Daniel Bernard, the ex-CEO of Carrefour. He’s just about to go fundraising again to raise 1.5 million euros to set up a call-centre and market his offer of premium services comprised of targeted emails, advanced research, statistics etc. His society in France employs a marketing manager, a web developer and a consulting technician. His objective: 400,000 in revenue. More than 100 companies are following him on his adventure. “Identifying potential international distributors is a difficult and costly task. It’s difficult because although the research methods (Kompass, professional directories…) are very well adapted to the European and North American markets, they are not so well adapted to the Middle East, Asia or Africa. It’s costly because the only way you can find the representative/distributor that’s right for your product is by travelling to meet loads of different candidates in person. Medicamatch helps us with shortlisting these candidates and allows us to choose our meetings more precisely. Medicamatch allowed us to find our distributor in Pakistan more easily than in the past, saving us time and money,” said Mr Ali Benmansour, sales manager at Infomed SA.

For his final year, Pierre is doing a specialisation in Digital Marketing. “We’re all doing different projects and it’s really good. Alternants or designers, everyone has a lot of pressure on them but everyone stays focused because there’s still so much to be done! To quote Sir Robert Collier… Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”