Montpellier Business School, in partnership with the Adecco Group, is launching the first dedicated class of sandwich students by creating, in the final year of the Bachelor’s course, a “Commercial Development Manager” option.

Armed with a long-standing partnership and being very close to the recruitment needs of its major partners, Montpellier Business School has joined forces with the Adecco Group to launch, at the start of the next academic year, a new work-based (or professionalisation) Bachelor’s option as part of the final year of the Bachelor’s course and to train their future "Commercial Development Manager”.

In response to recruitment needs and faithful to the shared values of diversity and equal opportunities, this course is open to students and job seekers who have Bac+2 (two years of higher education) in the fields of economics, management and business. As from the start of the next academic year, it will host a of sandwich course students, recruited from all over France, who will graduate in 2016, and who will be taught for one week on the Montpellier Business School campus for every three weeks they spend working for the Adecco Group.

Montpellier Business School is recognised for its academic excellence, its expertise in work-based learning and its high employability rates. Building on this expertise, it has extended its know-how to the last year of the Bachelor’s degree course that is recognised as being amongst the best French Bachelor’s, with no tuition fees, whilst learning a trade “on the ground”, which is a genuine gateway to multiple opportunities, and whilst joining the spirit of a large international group.

This new type of partnership between Montpellier Business School and the global leader in human resources aims to train sandwich students in administration, trade and management, but also to prepare them more intensely for commercial professions, and to enable them to develop so that they become Adecco Group employees with potential. Students will be recruited, notably, to carry out, as part of their contract, Business Manager or Sales Representative roles. The Adecco Group is clearly committed to the competitive examination interview panel tests as well as to the pedagogical design of this dedicated class.

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