Entrepreneurs, Start-upers, Leaders, Intrapreneurs from the region! Come to the 1st “FailCon” in Montpellier on 4 June 2015!

After Paris, Toulouse and Grenoble, “FailCon” is coming to Montpellier, notably through the creation of the “Montpellier FailCon” association chaired by Soukeïna Chatt, an intrapreneurial student at Montpellier Business School. With financial support from Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole [Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis], LabeX Entreprendre, Oracle and Montpellier Business School, this degree-valid element of the Master Grande École course is launching the first edition of FailCon in Montpellier on 4 June 2015, from 6.00 p.m. in the “meeting room” in Montpellier’s new city hall.

“A ‘FailCon’ conference (a concept born in the United States) is halfway between playing down the importance of failure and expert advice. It sees speakers from all sectors revealing their past failures, around keynote speeches and roundtables. Only one watchword: “Embrace your mistake, build your success”, learn from your mistakes to build on your successes as there is definitely no recipe for being creative, maybe just a temperament. To create, sometimes to survive and often to innovate, every entrepreneur must test, err, rotate, and learn from their mistakes! The Montpellier FailCon is aimed at all those starting out, or wishing to start out, in the broadest sense, whether they are entrepreneurs, start-upers, leaders and intrapreneurs”, says Soukeïna Chatt, chairwoman of the Montpellier FailCon association, entrepreneurship manager for Oracle France and due to graduate from the 2015 Master’s grade école start-up course.

“This project is very dear to my heart. We wanted the Montpellier FailCon to involve people with very different career paths. Therefore, we have the privilege of counting, amongst our speakers, people from the world of start-ups such as Frédéric Salles, the founder of Matooma, or Olivier Reynaud, the co-founder of Teads, as well as people such as Pierre Farouz, the EMEA HR Director of Oracle, or Geneviève Blanc from SORIDEC, who will share their perception of a failed entrepreneur. And the casting is not complete!”

The “Montpellier FailCon” event is a first that should be recognised! It is organised by a group of students (Soukeïna Chatt, Guillaume Herrerro) and Montpellier entrepreneurs (Audric Rolland and Kevin Bresson – the founders of Ozerwize) who wanted to create the event in a city known for its dynamic business creation!

It should be remembered that as part of Labex Entreprendre, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation chair is run by research lecturers from Montpellier Business School, which has made entrepreneurship its main area of research. There can be no doubt that this conference will further accentuate a little more the influence of the ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ theme, as was the case with more than 50 international researchers from the discipline last March for the “Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER 2015)” held at Montpellier Business School.

So for all enthusiasts, make a note in your diaries for 4 June, from 6.00 p.m. onwards!
For more information: http://montpellier.thefailcon.com
Buy your ticket: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-failcon-montpellier-16735298729