What is the relationship between a brand manager’s activity and the creation of a website dedicated to homeopathy? The international aspect!

Louis graduated in 2013 from the Montpellier Business School’s Grande École Master’s course. After his years of preparatory classes at the Lycée Bellevue in Martinique, he joined Montpellier Business School for a 4-year course combining international academic and professional experiences. Finally, his taste for openness and risk-taking led him to create his first company! Story of a journey.

“After my first year in Montpellier, I headed off to Bogota in Colombia for a double degree at the Universidad Del Rosario. With successful adaptability and a real passion for multiculturalism, I was able to get an internship there in Marketing at L'Oréal. Although won over by Latin America, I quickly told myself that I could certainly repeat the experience elsewhere and continue to explore the world! My year in business led me to Singapore with HEINEKEN in Human Resources and my last year on the “international business” double degree at Monterrey Tec took me to Papua New Guinea, still with Heineken. Currently, I am working in Cambodia as a Brand Executive for the brand in a fast-growing market while participating in an entrepreneurial adventure!

The final year of a Master’s in Mexican higher education is very different from the French model. We have few hours of classes, but are free to learn completely independently. So I therefore had time for an entrepreneurial project in the medical field. Not all countries have the same social security coverage as France, and at the same time, the world of medicine is growing in mistrust, in favour of more alternative medicine, such as homeopathy. So I found the opportunity to develop access to homeopathic medicine, with care for the whole person. This is how the DocHomeo.com website, which aims to promote access to homeopathy through simple and accurate information, was born. I worked with homeopaths and a medical database of Faculty teaching doctors renowned in their fields, and we have implemented a system that starts from the symptom to arrive at the appropriate homeopathic therapy. The site's objective is to answer people’s questions, without them having to travel and pay the costs of a specialist. The platform is easy to use and inexpensive. The service is billed per search, thus providing a solution for less than two Euros. This site, in French and Spanish, also offers free access to weekly newsletters and a special monthly dossier. Of course, it does not deal with all diseases, but it can help many people with simple symptoms. Today, the site attracts a monthly average of 20,000 visitors, including 5,000 one-off visitors”.

Louis concludes his interview by giving a piece of advice to all preparatory class students who are currently preparing for a competitive examination: “You must decide the route you take! And anything is possible. Make use of the courses to go abroad as much as possible. Recruiters around the world will tell you. At Montpellier, everything is provided to help you achieve these international dreams, in particular through support for international courses”.

Link: http://www.dochomeo.com/